Adv. Polash (Hindu leader) burnt in the prison


Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ediroial Asst. in The bdnewstimes who is reported about Polash Case. The minority leader Advocate Palash Chandra Roy has been killed in a planned manner in the jail, in the northern district of Panchagarh, claimed the family of the deceased.
Advocate Palash Chandra Roy was a son of Mira Rani, a former freedom fighter commander and former female vice-chairman of the upazila.
It is known that Advocate Palash Chandra Roy was a law officer in the Kohinoor Chemical Company. Palash Chandra Roy did not accept the offer of immoral work offered by officers of the company during the service, only for this reason, then the company filed a lawsuit against him for Tk 31 lakh embezzlement in 2016. At one stage, he was arrested by the RAB and after the bail from the court, he started a hunger strike in front of the Panchagarh Deputy Commissioner Office on behalf of the family members on March 25, due to the mental reversal.
Deceased Palash Chandra Roy
Deceased Palash Chandra Roy
At one stage, the hunger strike broke out in the city’s Sher-E-Bangla Highway on human chain protests. He talked about the corruption of the company officials in the human chain and attracted the attention of the Prime Minister about the charges against him.
Advocate Palash Chandra Roy again involved in a case due to hold a human chain for removing allegation against him. Now a young man named Rajib Rana, filed a case with Sadar Police Station, according to his claim that he identified the organizational editor of Bangabandhu Smriti Sangsad and Bangabandhu Library’s Metropolitan Northern University Federation.
Rajib Rana’s accusation against Advocate Palash Chandra Roy, he presented the indecent remarks against the Prime Minister and the administration in the human chain. Rajiv Rana filed a defamation suit against Advocate Palash Chandra Roy in the Sadar Police Station.
The Sadar station’s police arrested him on the same day and sent him to the court and the court rejected the bail and sent him to jail.
On April 26, he was supposed to be sent to Dhaka for the company’s case, but suddenly he came out crying out of the toilet in the hospital.
Shocked family members of Palash
Shocked family members of Palash

Before the death of Advocate Palash Chandra Roy, he said that as soon as he entered the toilet, two strangers sprinkled with two petrol bottles (tigers) on him. Then the prison guards rescued alive to Rangpur Medical College Hospital. He died on 30 April, after being taken to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital for better treatment.
This news published on 05th May-2019 int the eibela online news portal. And this news has been translated into English by Nihar Ranjan Biswas.
That day, exactly what had said Hindu leader Advocate Palash Chandra Roy in his statement, it is exactly the following:
In the case of the trap, as recompense of brutal torture, we will commit suicide by announcing to you in front of the DC house as the representative of the Prime Minister as the children of freedom fighters. What is today’s Prime Minister, what do you say about democracy ? If you were in front of me today, I wanted to know the apology. What do you say about democracy ? You killed the democracy by pressing throat. I do not do BNP or Jamaat. Why did your APS file a false case against me ? Want a reply to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
Nihar Ranjan Biswas, has written the speech of Hindu leader Advocate Palash Chandra Roy, which he had delivered in that day and translated it into English.


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