Bangladesh Hindu Mahajote in prayer for Narendra Modi’s victory in the election of Narendra Modi


April 23, 2019 by newsdesk 0 18952
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Rajib Sharma (Chittagong Office): In order to promote and vote for Narendra Modi and BJP in India’s elections, various Hindu leaders of the Hindu Grand Alliance jointly convened a special prayer by praying for the victory of the meeting and the victory of BJP and Narendra Modi. Heads Leaders said Padmaphul is the symbol of traditional religion. All the gods and goddesses are on the lotus flower.

Narendra Modi is the world leader now If BJP wins in the elections, the whole of Prithviraj is welfare. Narendra Modi believes that “Basudhayb Kutumbok” is all the people of the world, all the animals are our relatives. This has established a harmonious harmony among all the people of the world, which will continue. The Modi government has played a huge role in the development of Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s pilgrimage gave hundreds of crores of rupees to the development of the development of the new and new temple.

The people have made the arrangement easy. Has played a significant role in the development of communication system. Torture has played a significant role in oppression.
In fact, the development of the Hindu community of Bangladesh, including Bangladesh, will continue to be in the power of the Modi government. The other government will actually stop this harmony and development. Hindu communities of Bangladesh will be mentally broken and persecuted.
In this context, the Hindu Grand Alliance urged all the district leaders that all the leaders of the whole country should request the workers to vote for the “lotus flower” symbols to their Indian relatives.

In the beginning of the discussion, the Chief Minister prayed for special prayers by lighting the lamp.


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