Bangladesh Youths’ Cultural Exchange Build Bridges of World Peace


To mark UNESCO-designated International Mother Language Day, a peace event under the theme of ”Cultural Exchange, Bridge of World Peace” was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for 2 days from 20th to 21st of February.

On the SATV talk show, a private broadcasting station, guests shared the importance of culture and language by stating Bangladesh’s historical mother language movement in order to conserve their languages.

The event was organized to spread a culture of peace based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) that addresses the principles such as the prohibition of the use of force, peaceful resolution of conflicts, promotion of religious freedom and dialogue, and spreading a culture of peace.

Manzur H. Khan, Director of Student Affairs at American International University – Bangladesh, said, “I believe that peace can’t be kept by force, but it can only be achieved by understanding. We will reconcile our differences and appreciate the ties that bind us together.”

On 20th, Shamsul Hoque Khan College held a drawing contest with students to celebrate International Mother Language Day. On 21st, AIUB organized a cultural event such as a Bengali poem recitation, a Bengali song singing, drama performance, and soccer matches.

At the SATV talk show, which aired on 21st, guests talked about the theme, “International Mother Language day in Foreigner’s Perspective.”

One of guests said, “The mother tongue is a vessel that contains the spirit of the people and has culture and customs. I think the mother language movement was the result of showing the sovereignty of youth. The reason for restoring youth sovereignty is because the power of young people can achieve independence.”

The event aimed to promote the practical action on a culture of peace addressed in Bangladesh’s resolution adopted by the UNGA. It expects that the frequent activities based on Bangladesh’s resolutions would be possible through the continuous cultural exchanges, which may pave the way to spread a culture of peace stated in the DPCW.