Bangladeshis will not try to take away Teesta water due to thirsty thirst: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned Bangladeshi writer Rajib Sharma


From the writer’s pen: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bandyopadhyay said about the same thing about the water sharing of Teesta river in about two weeks. On April 24, at Cooch Behar, he said, “Bangladesh is our friend. We love Bangladesh. But what if I do not have water in Teesta? There is no objection if there is excess water by the water for the north Bengal cultivation. But I will not be able to deprive the state of water. ‘ (Source: Prothom Alo, April 26).

He said similarly during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent visit to India (April 7-10). There was also mention in his statement that the Teesta does not have water (source: Prothom Alo). Now, in his words, in the words of Cooch Behar, it is understood that Teesta has water. But all of them are used in West Bengal. After using them they will not be able to give to Bangladesh.

★ Rajib Sharma, the Bangladeshi journalist and author of anti-traditional writers, strongly told West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee about Teesta water.
Mamata Bandyopadhyay, which is fairly desperate in the field of politics, it is known to all that is fairly commonplace. But it is not possible to believe that diplomacy and the rule of international law are running the kingdom, knowingly or unknowingly. Even after knowing that he is talking about Teesta’s water sharing, he is uncomfortable talking, it is also incredible. The problem is here. For this reason, what is said about Teesta water in terms of Mamta Bandyopadhyay’s statement, that became a matter of special consideration.

Mamata Bandyopadhyay is not aware that Teesta is an intercontinental river flowing through India and Bangladesh. Inequality and dispute among the region’s basin countries is not new to the distribution of such rivers. That is why international laws have been made to resolve this discrimination and dispute. The law is meant to share water among the respective countries.

Mamta Bandyopadhyay may not even deny that the international law says that Bangladesh’s share of Teesta water can not be zero. Therefore, Bangladesh will get some water or some water. People living in the Teesta Basin, they also need water for their livelihood, and in Teesta water they have the same rights as West Bengal’s population. Again, as he said, if the water is left after meeting the requirements of West Bengal, then he will give it to Bangladesh, it is not a rule of law, justification or law.
Mamata Banerjee may say that on the back of these words, then Bangladesh will take the shelter of that law. But that will not be a matter of friendship. You also said that Bangladesh is your friend. You love Bangladesh. It can not be a love for a friend. Because, he knows very well, Bangladesh can take refuge in the law. The result will come against you and Bangladesh. But that is a very timely matter. During that time, there will be a lot of water in the Teesta, you will get a big excuse to not give Bangladesh its chills.

In Cooch Behar, Mamata Banerjee said that Bangladesh can sit for talks with the water of river Torsa, Mansei etc. (Prothom Alo, April 26). But none of the common rivers can be the alternative of another. If Torasara, Manashei are the common rivers of the two countries, their water distribution must certainly be discussed. Bangladesh is the partner of all common rivers. Therefore there is no chance to show Teesta any other option. After all, tech talks between the two countries ended much before the water sharing ended. At this stage, what is the purpose of talking about Teesta water dispute repeatedly?

Actually, Mamta Banerjee made a political issue for sharing Teesta water distribution. Many grassroots level leaders and workers of West Bengal’s Trinamool Congress join BJP. BJP targets power in West Bengal elections. Mamata is not unaware that India’s central government agrees to treat Teesta water sharing agreement with Bangladesh. So, he is trying to hinder the Teesta deal and on the contrary, he wants to keep his popularity through BJP’s opposition.

On the other hand, the central government is also reluctant to issue Teesta agreement, except for Mamata, for political reasons. They think that if they make the Teesta agreement, except for their advancement in West Bengal, apart from Mamata, it may be hampered. At least, Mamata will take the opportunity to create a political issue. Mamta will try to brighten the image to the masses by placing all her responsibility on them.
Apart from this, Mamta has a lot of bargaining with the central government. One of the main ones is to increase the allocation of funds for the state. Mamata Banerjee came to power after the long rule of CPM and Left Front in West Bengal, the Center had about 15 thousand crore rupees loan to the state government. He said that this loan was due to waste and corruption of the leftist government.

But during the next Mamtata regime, the loan was not reduced to the center but rather increased. So now Mamata is seeking the central government to increase the allocation for the state. As much as possible to pressure him, he gives it to the central government. Teesta water sharing is also one of the stresses. But the central government will not even leave Mamata so easily.

The Teesta water sharing agreement with Bangladesh has now been dropped in India’s political tensions, which certainly disappoint Bangladesh. The government’s top efforts and efforts should be made to end this situation. So clearly you claim that you do politics, grassroots, win or lose your vote is your personal one. But in the election that West Bengal people are campaigning for the Teesta water sharing campaign. Teesta’s Fifty Water is not your personal property. Do not try to deprive Bangladesh of the Teesta water as much as it deserves. When the farmers of Bangladesh need water, then your water becomes dry. You love the Bangladeshi by mouth, but when the Teesta water is needed when Bangladeshis are saying every year, ask yourself. And yes, your election in West Bengal, Now you sell Teesta water on a microphone and dry it on both the rivers and the rivers of the river. Teesta car? How much India gets? How much is Bangladesh? How much was sold for the vote? Calculate Do not sell the Bangladeshi chest and drink the West Bengalis. Do not deprive the fair rewards. Do not try to take away water from Bangladesh by thirsting Bangladeshis. You have to pay the price of each waterfall. Bangladeshi is not a beggar in West Bengal, remember it. You got the minister’s mouth water from the fair reciprocity of Bangladesh. Do not try again. There is no place for deceit anywhere in the world, so you will not be anywhere in the world. Water is the gift of God, gift of nature, not yours. Who are you craving? You are transforming the water of God into your personal political waters. So we are Bangladeshi,

Writer: Mr. Rajib Sharma (Crime Investigator of The Crime, The Crime Patrol and Edihorial Asst. Of

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