Friday , 24 May 2019
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The Tear of Unstoppable: Mr. Rajib Sharma

The story of writer’s ‘The Tear of Unstoppable’ published by Jhon Hopkins, USA, book of fiction story.You can realise that is true story of life. Its just fiction of a boy’s life. My story is quite long and in depth. Wouldn’t want to make anyone bored but this is an 100% true story of what happened to me. It started ... Read More »

Today is May Day

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ediroial Asst. of bdnewstimes in Chattogram who writes the article. The historic May Day is being observed in the country as elsewhere across the world with due respect through various programmes today. The day is being observed across the globe since 1886 commemorating the supreme sacrifices of the workers of Hay Market, Chicago, in the USA for ... Read More »

Happy 1st May Day: Mr. Rajib Sharma

May Day ceremonies that stem from the traditional centuries-old May Day traditions are celebrated across the world. In Hawaii, May Day is known as Lei Day to celebrate the island’s culture. In the United Kingdom, May Day is still celebrated in many towns with the crowning of the May Queen. Maypoles can still be found in some towns and May ... Read More »

Love is harmful for Life: Mr. Rajib Sharma

★This story of the article is a short note oof Bangladeshi Anti- culture, Religion’s Writer Mr. Rajib Sharma’s Book, Which name is “My life”, Its just say to us point of view a life, a loneliness life, hurt, crying. This story is tottally fiction and don’t receive truly and realistic. ★So you might ask what qualifies me to create a ... Read More »

Hello Minority Religious! Its Not Your Country, Go Away: Mr. Rajib Sharma

Ediroial Report:“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscious and religion. Everyone has a right to a nationality. No one should be arbitrarily denied of his nationality. No one should be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”, According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Yes? However, on a daily basis, these fundamental human rights that are enshrined in ... Read More »

‘Do you know about Lord Shiva and His family’

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office : Lord Shiva is a Hindu deity and represents the aspect of the Supreme Being. The meaning of the Sanskrit word Shiva is ‘pure and destroyer’. According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is the destroyer among the Trimurti. He is the god of the Yogis and described as an omniscient Yogi, who lives an ascetic life ... Read More »

Who is Mohadeb Shiv! Why we celebrate the greatest night of Shiva!

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ediroial Asst. of and Crime Investigator of The Crime: ★Maha Shivratri, which literally translates to “great night of Shiva” is a Hindu festival largely celebrated in India as well as in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the new moon day in the month of Maagha according to the Hindu calendar. The day is celebrated to ... Read More »