Mr. Deepak’s warm wishes to the leader of the Central Committee of the Bangladesh Hindu Parishad

Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: The convenor of the Hindu Hindu Parishad Sylhet district and Vice-President of the central committee, Deepak Roy, greeted all traditional devotees. In a greeting message on Friday, October 5, he said that since the climate of the present day, the Hindu community has been celebrating Shardio “Durga Puja” through religious sentiments […]

“World Heart Day-2019” is celebrated by the Dept. Health Office In Ctg

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: World Heart Day is celebrated on September 2019. Every year in Bangladesh as well as with the whole world. It is one of the largest in the World Heart Federation to raise awareness about heart disease. A rally and discussion meeting was organized on the occasion of the day on […]

Ziro Result’s waiting for Bangladeshi Hindus: Bro. Rajib Sharma

In the first census held in independent Bangladesh, the number of minorities was 5.7 percent, which is now reduced to 5 percent. Researchers say if this trend continues, it will be difficult to find any Hindu community in Bangladesh after the next five years. Comparing the census figures of 20 and 24, the Bangladesh Bureau […]


Mr. Rajib Sharma who is reported about the news on lander Vickrom in Moon landing Mission at India.Its translated Hindi language news Hindi Times To Communication of the Vikram lander with ISRO went silent towards the latter half of its descent. After a nail-biting descent, the Chandrayaan 2 mission has stalled at a cliffhanger. […]

PM Narendra Modi is watching Chandrayaan 2 lunar landing live

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Who is reported in Hindi Times to…Chandrayaan 2 is scheduled to make a soft-landing on moon at 1:55 am New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is watching Chandrayaan 2 lunar landing live from the ISRO control room. He is accompanied by around 70 school students from across the country. The students […]

Chandrayaan 2 Landing: Less Than an Hour to go for ‘Terrifying Moment’ as ISRO Gears Up for Date Night With Moon

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Who is translator the India Today into, Chandrayaan 2 Landing LIVE: The final descent of Chandrayaan 2 on the moon’s surface will begin in less than an hour from now with the first image of lunar surface set to be beamed back to Earth at 1:52am. As per a timeline of […]

Chandrayaan 2 Landing: ISRO Command Centre Show Edge-of-Seat Excitement for Moon Date

Mr. Rajib Sharma(Ctg. Office): ISRO Centre in Bengaluru, which show tension and excitement among men and women part of the Chandrayaan 2 moon mission. The scheduled Chandrayaan 2 moon landing time is between 1:30-2:30 am on Saturday. The Vikram lander of the spacecraft is due to touchdown in the lunar South Pole region, which the […]

The Hindu temple authorities did not provide food for ordinary Hindus, because they were not Brahmans

Neighborhood Desk: The Brahmin is not. So do not eat food or Hindu temples. Instead of humiliation. This incident happened in Udupi Krishna Math. Manipal’s assistant professor Benitha N Sethi went to the Udupi Krishna Math on April 15. In the math bhagnasala went to lunch. While giving food to the woman there is a […]

Ctg. Kotwali OC Mohsin gets “Women Police Award”

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: Nine people have been nominated for the “Bangladesh Women Police Award” award on the occasion of the International Women’s Day-2015. Among them, only one male policeman was nominated, CPM’s Kotwali Police Station officer-in-charge Mohammad Mohsin (PPM, BP) was nominated. A nomination was given to the award in a letter sent […]