Ziro Result’s waiting for Bangladeshi Hindus: Bro. Rajib Sharma

In the first census held in independent Bangladesh, the number of minorities was 5.7 percent, which is now reduced to 5 percent. Researchers say if this trend continues, it will be difficult to find any Hindu community in Bangladesh after the next five years. Comparing the census figures of 20 and 24, the Bangladesh Bureau […]

UNHCR Statement on Voluntary Repatriation to Myanmar

General view of Kutupalong refugee settlement for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, December 2017. General views of Kutupalong refugee camp OO zone for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. OO Zone is one of the 22 newly built camp areas for Rohingya refugees, established since the August 25 influx. © UNHCR/Jordi Matas Through their bilateral Joint Working Group […]

The country’s poor talent was sold in the developed country today: Mr. Rajib Sharma(M.Div)

The word “brain drain” in English means the use of intellectual trafficking. And it is said in the global definition that when a poor or developing country is educated and skilled professionals from higher education, they do not come back to the developed countries in the hope of getting better pay and a better life, […]

Avatar will not come again because of the rationale of second class student: Rajib Sharma

From the writer’s pen: When we think a little bit, we can understand that there was no such godfather in America and Europe. No religion produced in these two continents has been spread in the whole world. Instead of prophets, messengers or avatars, many scientists were born in Europe and America. Today, they are ruling […]

Rafiq-Salam will live forever in the eyes of the Bangali: Rajib Sharma

On the writer’s pen: Today is the great International Mother Language Day. We are the people of the strange world. Occasionally the question arises in my mind, whether I am in Bangladesh! In the state, society, customs, culture and languages, we are involved in Bengali language. I do not want to say the word ‘Bangla […]

‘Urgent Notice’ to invite minority members to Islam, severe condemnation of Rajib Sharma

Chittagong Office: Rabiya Samash Uddin Technical School and Principal (BM) of BM College, Aminul Islam Sohag, on Wednesday, 20/03/2013, on Wednesday published a written written notice to all the students of the education system, to become viral on social media Facebook. The minority Hindu and Buddhist-Christians of Bangladesh strongly condemned Facebook. And the minorities in […]

Handcuffed minority tears in the veins of security: Rajib Sharma

From the writer’s pen: As a result of persecution, endangered populations are beginning to develop civilization in this region and the progressive population of thousands of years has been increasingly endangered. In the 40s of the last century, these conflicts arose during the partition of India on the basis of two principles of partition. On […]

How are the Christian Pastors and Shepherds in Bangladesh: Rajib Sharma

From the writer’s pen: The day was a memorable day for Christian communities of Bangladesh. The ‘national feather and leadership conference 2015’ was held in Rajendrapur, Gazipur from 7th to 9th October. Hundreds of feasts, priests, priests, evangelists, gathered from different parts of the country. In the morning prayer at the beginning of the day, […]

Bangladeshis will not try to take away Teesta water due to thirsty thirst: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned Bangladeshi writer Rajib Sharma

From the writer’s pen: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bandyopadhyay said about the same thing about the water sharing of Teesta river in about two weeks. On April 24, at Cooch Behar, he said, “Bangladesh is our friend. We love Bangladesh. But what if I do not have water in Teesta? There is no objection […]