Chancellor of Ctg. Mohsin College has filed a petition against Principal Anjan Kumar Nandi


Rajib Sharma, Ctg Office: On July 2, at Ctg. Mohsin College, during the Second Year Final examination, girls were expelled by hijab and nikab. No hijab, nikab separately has been opened by any female teacher. This great responsibility has been done by male teachers in their own hands. Men who did not want to open girls, male teachers pulled their hijab nikab with their own hands.

They first argued as if they were nikabs or could not match the picture with the admit card. After that, when the hijab was opened, someone said that someone could put a headphone in the examination and help with someone’s help. So hijab and khula are mandatory. This is what the teachers of teachers said, they took the girls’ clothes and pulled one by pulling the hijab and nikab.

During the opening of a girl’s nikab, the girl prevents me to do the screen according to Islam. I can not open the nikab At last, the male teacher argued with the girl and said, “When you were taking pictures, you did not take pictures of nikab”?

The girl said, yes! Open the picture. After this the teacher again said no one saw your face while washing the picture? The girl said, watching. Then the teacher said, then open it here will not be a problem. By doing so, he pulls his nikab off and insults the girl as he wishes.

It is strange to think! This is the gold Bangladesh. False police pulls the burqas because of the safety of the Fans, the golden children of this golden Bangladesh again protested against it. That is to understand that our country is now France. Many students said that the head of the college did not give any notice regarding the hijab and nikab can not be dropped.

A video has been published, in view of the writ of the High Court of Hijab Nikab, which has been issued by the editor of Dhaka’s daily Al-Ihsan newspaper, it is clearly proven that Muslims can wear hijab, nikab in school college.