Chandrayaan 2 Landing: ISRO Command Centre Show Edge-of-Seat Excitement for Moon Date


Mr. Rajib Sharma(Ctg. Office):
ISRO Centre in Bengaluru, which show tension and excitement among men and women part of the Chandrayaan 2 moon mission. The scheduled Chandrayaan 2 moon landing time is between 1:30-2:30 am on Saturday. The Vikram lander of the spacecraft is due to touchdown in the lunar South Pole region, which the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) says is “completely unexplored”. With the feat, India will become only the fourth nation after the US, Russia and China to land a spacecraft on the Moon.

The lunar rover named Pragyan that will emerge from the spaceship will help scientists understand better the origin and evolution of the Moon through studying the area’s topography and minerals. The area also has craters that are “cold traps”, and which would contain a record of the early solar system. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is headed to the ISRO headquarters in Bengaluru where he will watch the final descent of Chandrayaan-2 on the Moon’s surface.