Copa America Champion- 2019 : Brazil


Sports Desk, Ctg. Office: Four times Copa América had been organized in Brazil, each time the competition ended in a champion. This is no exception. Paraguay beat Peru 3-1 in the final on Sunday in Matara Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro. After a decade, the superiority of the Copa América came back to Selesaora.

In the group stage, Peruvian flew 5-0 to Brazil. But this team of Ricardo Gareck was another look at the knockout. Their fight in the final also makes matches confined. Finally, the 10 people of Brazil won the continental trophy This is their first title in Copa America since 2007.

In 2016, Brazil went out of the group stage defeating Peru in Peru. Carlos Dunga lost his job. As a successor, Selesaud took the lead in the title. His future was also in doubt. However, the Brazilian Ninth Copa America champion, the former coach of Santos is more seasoned.
Gabriel Jesús was going to be a villain in the semi-final against Argentina in the semi-finals. But his teammates won the comfort of the scalp Brazil won Everton went on to score goals but in the last minute of the first half of the tournament, Peru’s captain Paulo Guerrero pressured by the pressure Brazil The hosts made the first goal before the departure of the Jesuits forwarded ahead of the hosts. But in the second half, when he left the field after seeing the second yellow card, Brazil faced pressure again. But substituted player Richardleans eliminated all the fears from penalty goals.

Peru’s confident start stops when Brazil scored in 15 minutes. Jesus crosses the opponent’s defense over Everton, who was out of the public eye at the far post, opened the golmets on the Half Valley. After that, the footsteps of Phyllipe, who took 10 yards from the distance, passed by Golabar. Roberto Ferminino’s head was noticed in 36 minutes on the crossbar for a little bit.

The decision of reviewer Roberto Tobar’s review by Selesao’s regime increases. Thiago Silva gave the ball in the arm to Peru and gave the penalty. Peruvians do not waste the opportunity, Guerrero returned in the 44th minute equality.

Peru had this pleasure a little while. In the third minute of the first half of the injury period, Carlos Jamborana forget, Jesus scored a cold 2-1. The hosts became more desperate in the second half to increase the gap. The curved shots of Qutiani go back to the goal. Bad weather was waiting for Brazil. Jesse, who broke the barbarity of Tobar’s breach for the fifth time in a match, eventually lost the second yellow card in 70 minutes and missed the tearful manicity striker.

Peru, the rest of the 20 minutes, failed to use the opportunity to get Brazil. Rather, in 87 minutes, another forgery of forgiveness increases the span of the last moment. He fired Everton in the box. Richardson was the third goal in Brazil’s 90th minute. In 1919, 1922, 1949 and 1989, the party also organized the trophy for the fifth time as organizer.