Daily Nayadigontho And Inkilab’s false and rumored situation in the country About Amit Saha, He Isn’t Member Us: ISKCON


Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: Discussed BUET student Abrar Fahad Rabbi killed ISKCON engage the news The organization has protested General Secretary of Bangladesh Branch Shri Charu Chandra Das is a Brahmachari.

On behalf of ISKCON in a letter to various media is sent bdnewstimes.com. This letter is also to the Special Representative has arrived In the letter, ISKCON stated clearly Abrar, a talented student at BUET ISKCON in any of the killings No relevance. The murder of Abrar The accused is Amit Saha’s ISKCON member make that propaganda two what is done daily newspapers is false and fabricated. ISKCON strongly condemned it. ISKCON’s letter says that Amit Saha is a member of the extremist ISKCON make daily Nayadiganta and Daily Inquilab has released false and fabricated. Amit Saha isn’t ISKCON members His facebook based on the likes of the page. News propaganda is motivated and deceitful.

ISKCON,including Bangladesh something that engages in extremist work
no evidence. ISKCON isn’t a political group. Its only religious and social organization.

ISKCON is the world’s poorest free food distribution among Sonatoni people, Medical, clothing, etc. are beneficial keeping the program that giving about peaceful name of about Sree Krishna. ISKCON, Shri Vaishnava philosophy of Chaitanyadeva is non-violent founded on the ideals of policy. ISKCON only respect for all creatures, not human beings teaches display. The people of Bangladesh all over that’s exactly the time of the morning. The Daily Nayadiganta and Daily Inquilab to spread confusion among people false and fabricated news in the name of ISKCON expresses people of Bangladesh are secular
such is the purpose of destroying consciousness
ISKCON thinks the news has been released by doing
false and rumored situation in the country unstable is a punishable offense. So ISKCON to the Govt:, humbly by applying, the concerned authorities should takes effective action against.below are The Daily Nayadigontha and Daily Inkilab’s published news the link with the title is given.

No: 1 Amit Saha, the key figure in Abrar’s murder
Member of the extremist ISKCON(Noyadigontho)

No: 2. Amit Saha, a member of the militant ISKCON

ISKCON protests after coming to bdnewstimes.com’s The Chief Public Relation’s officer of the Organization Communication with the blessed Sukhi Sushil Maharaj is done ask him several questions either. He replied. down to it picked up bdnewstimes.com: Writes below…!

You have an India agenda working in Bangladesh, Is it true Or what?

Sukhi Sushil Maharaj: We are any such didn’t give a speech. We are all I just preach Harinam to the world.

bdnewstimes.com: Two of ISKCON nationals Will you sue Daily Newspapers of Nayadigontho and Inkilab?

Sukhi Sushil Maharaj: We are these two newspapers. We sent protests along. Let’s see whether they print our protest. Then I’ll take the theory.

bdnewstimes.com: The dream of an unbroken India see the BJP and RSS. You aren’t BJP or RSS. Then you the name is why this promotion is a daily novel

Sukhi Sushil Maharaj: We don’t know about political and our members aren’t involve in political group and party.

bdnewstimes.com: What do you think? Either these groups are your own want to do something with a gun in the neck?

Sukhi Sushil Maharaj: I don’t think so. However, I work a few hindu religious when they go to the establishment, they make a case forbids again, some are religious the organization asked to sue.