Egypt’s god knows whether the sun rises at the sun: Rajib Sharma


From the pen of the writer: Something can happen suddenly or in some other way on earth or on some other planet. So, should I have to assume that God or the seven heavens or the head is in a worldly invisible divine power? Like the euphrates of Egypt three and a half thousand years ago, the Egyptian goddess is sleeping, discussed across the country. The question is, whether it was asleep or the excavation of Egyptian archaeologists an image! Nobody says “Awaken awoke” in the media Then a god woke up, where did he wake up after the camel? Where are his procedures? What is the purpose No answer. The goddess has taken hold of a god. Egypt has already started its worship. Asked about his rule of religion three and a half years ago today, The rule of Puja was definitely different. He was satisfied with the then rule. Today, in the era of science, many things have changed in three and a half thousand years. Which he did not see while he was sleeping. So how can he be satisfied if he is worshiped with medicines mixed with today’s science? Because today’s science did not have the hand of that lady or God behind such a move, because she was asleep. She can not expect anything from sleeping, and the worshipers and the zest is not fooled. Let’s say that there were thousands of religions in the world, its use, and its fall also came naturally. Then the rise and fall of these thousands of religions, heaven and hell were also one religion completely opposed to other religions. These thousands of religions are different from the descriptions of heaven or hell, the leadership is different, The judiciary is different. So these customs only lasted on faith? Their followers died but failed to show their heaven and hell? As the Egyptian god thinks he wakes up, but where are his followers now? Or if they keep them in heaven and hell, then this science age has more followers! Really ridiculous

What is the meaning of the coincidence and why are we surprised at the coincidence? The dictionary renders the cactus meaning: “There is no causal affair, but it seems to be closely related to each other.” Let’s explain this matter a little bit. Suppose your office boss is very angry with you. Because you were very dissatisfied with him, he thought of taking it back to his house and feeling angry with him for the second time and sat on his wish for his death. Your boss’s death heard the news after preparing to wake up the next morning to wake up at the office!
How would you describe this incident? You may think that you have a spiritual fatalistic ability, so that you can kill someone by wishing someone’s death! Think of this as your list of enemies, ‘Telepathy’ is about to kill them, but you have to be disappointed with everyone else except your boss! You may wonder where your problem is? Why did the lethal power work only for the boss, and did not work for anyone? You started to feel very bad about this.

But if you tried to explain the subject a bit more logically then you would not have to be upset. First of all, you will find out every day as many thousands of people as you like, wishing to die of their boss and sometimes they are going to die two times. Not only this, you yourself have long been convinced of his death after being angry with the boss but he has become ‘successful’ only this time. So how can it be explained? Let’s think a little logical. Let’s see the light of probability. Firstly, because of your boss, it is possible that he is much older, and there is also the possibility of having serious physical complications. These complications can be caused by any one of his deaths. And as thousands of people like you wish for their boss death and among them the death of two people is rather normal.

why you? That is why the matter happened in your case? It’s like getting the first prize in the lottery. For a lottery, maybe one lakh people got tickets, among which only one would get the first prize. Whoever receives it may think that the matter is very strange. He is surely someone specially nominated (!) For the lottery tickets! But the rest of the ninety nine ninety nine ninety nine people who have spent the tickets, it seems quite natural. Because no one will have to get the first prize. If no one did not get the prize, then the matter would have been unusual and unacceptable. In that case the entrepreneur of the lottery was held responsible for it. That is, once the event is likely to take place once and once it takes place on its own, then only people can find miracles in the form of a strange idea.

Often, an event may seem very unlikely to us in an external way, or the chances of it may seem very weak, but mathematically, the probability of the occurrence may be too much. Because we do not know the math only, it seems to be much more coincidental. For example, the possibility of birthdays may be discussed, in which I discussed the first paragraph of Mathematical Beauty. We proved to prove that if there were 23 people anywhere, the chance of having two birthdays in them would be more than 50 percent. If there are 100 people somewhere, then surely there will be a pair of people whose birthday is the same. Mathematically this issue is proven. If you do not know the matter and if you are sent to the survey on birthdays in different categories of schools, then be surprised at the similarity of the birthday of those students.

Such a fun game can be played, whose principles are like the birthday above. The rule is this: 10 people will be allowed to write numbers from 1 to 100 so that everyone tries to write a number that does not match anybody else’s figure. Although surprisingly, mathematically it can be proved that more than one-and-a-half times the number of two in 10 people will be mixed! Actually, the matter will be more weird. Since every person has a bit similarity in the thinking process, at the end of the game, it can be seen twice in the same match between the two numbers. Because when you will be asked to pick a number that does not match the numbers of others, you will try to figure out a number that is absurd. Others will try the same way. And then it will be seen that everyone is concentrating on some special numbers. It can be seen that the number written in most cases is greater than 50. Do not worry about yourself. At the beginning, when you were describing the rule of this game, you could figure out the number below 50? In the field of mind games, this pattern has been given great importance. Many times the sorceress sitting on the stage may read the audience’s mind in this manner. Many do not impose a condition There are several conditions that are put in time so that your thoughts get absorbed in a certain rhythm. As a result, coincidence is not a coincidence.

In addition to the match of the event, in many cases the coincidence can be imagined. For example, the velocity of light through zero is 2979792488 meters / second. On the other hand, the Great Pyramid located in Giza, Egypt, is located 29.9792458 degree latitude! What proof did the Egyptian civilization have a good sense of light speed and coordinate system of the Earth? There is no end to speculation about the Egyptian civilization-the imagination and the cheek-story. Many think that the Egyptians had the technology to ignore the gravity ball so that they were able to get rid of heavy heavy stones (nothing! ) Created Pyramid. Many people said that the Egyptians could emit free energy from the atmosphere and run electrical equipment. Or there is a sense that the stranger came from the vinance and built the Egyptian pyramid and their civilization. Such numerical cakatal is enough to pour ghee in the fire. But think a little rationally. If the decimal place is placed after the SI unit of light, then a lot of latitude or millions of longitude can be imagined in the world, which may indicate a piece of land. There can be an important establishment in any of the thousands of land in any one of the land. If it did not stay then it would be unusual! And besides the speed of light, the popular and important constant numbers are more than thirty. If all these are considered, then with the coordination of several important deployments in the light of feasibility, it is possible to match the values ​​of various important constants. There is also talk outside. Maybe the number of such numbers in a number can not be fully matched coincidence. But who said that the latitude of the pyramid should be released to the seventh house after the decimal. Rather, the length of the center of the pyramid can be expressed to the square after the latitude. After quadrangle, we will publish a point inside the pyramid, even if we want to do the same. It is only to publish. After quadrangle, we will publish a point inside the pyramid, even if we want to do the same. It is only to publish. After quadrangle, we will publish a point inside the pyramid, even if we want to do the same.

Although an example is given above, but the number of numerical or numerological calculations is not less. Because, according to Numerology, some names or other factors are expressed through different numbers and different types of patterns are found in them. Astrologers work in this method. We can consider the case of New York’s TwinTown Air Attack on September 11, 2001. After the incident, many people began to discover the miracles of Sapper with it. The information is pretty surprising (it is not surprising why it is mentioned beside): The
day of the attack was 9/11 = 9 + 1 + 1 = 11 (why it was dropped)
110 buildings in each building (To sum up, a score is to be excluded.)

September 11: On the 25th day of the year: 2 + 5 +4 = 11 (Any other number can be extracted in a week or year or other way) NEW YORK CITY has 11 letters. (If 12 letters were needed then maybe there would be some other such as mahalla or post office or busstop match.)

Iraq / Iran Area Code 119: 1 + 1 + 9 = 11 United States Area Code 911, which expresses the opposite of hostility and hostility. (As it is to have mutual hostility among many more countries.)
Together, the established buildings together look like 11 in English. (The open sections of the building’s compounds look like 0!)
Flight number 11 of the first attacking plane. (Many numbers are involved with aviation flight)
New York State is the 11th state in the United States. (Washington?) AFGHANISTAN has 11 characters in the word. (Why did not match Iraq, or Al Qaeda or the rest of the world. Why is the city being named in the US and why the country’s name is in this case.)

The PENTAGON has 11 letters. (Before New York, the Pentagon has been installed before, and the Pentagon is located in Washington, where the building will be named after the first city.) In
1993 Twin Towers bombarded the bombing as a convict Ramzie YOUSEF has 11 letters. (Exactly, the match was found in 1993. Find out if the name of this person’s brother-in-law Bhaira Bhai’s Khalur is also found in 11 letters!) If you try a little bit, you can catch only 11 or any other number. We can make a pattern of type. You do not have to check with any events happening around you.

there were 11 aircrafts. (How many were on the rest of the flights?)

So the number pattern It is always a matter of being familiar with the different familiar or completely different types of things with different images or words of nature and are amazed by those similarities. But its very simple explanation. The human brain always tries to match its visible subject to its known subject. See the following oral expressions:

Are they any verbal expression at all? These are just some of the lines, points, and figures of the circle. But our brain has not only identified these as human faces but also has different expressions in them. In such a way, these cactiological issues are related to miracles propagated differently. Followers of different religions often find religious symbols in various objects and try to strengthen their faith by seeing them as miraculous.

Not to mention such an interesting incident. In 1954, Canadian Central Bank released a five-dollar note containing pictures of Queen Elisabeth. But since the note has come into the market, complaints come to the central bank that in the note a queen of the queen’s hair appears to be in the shape of the devil. At one point in the face of objection, the bank spoiled all the notes of five dollars bill and released new design notes.

Similar to coincidence or other things, they are easily found in our eyes. But other incidents are rare like coincidence. For example, Newton’s birthday is January 4, scientists, on the other hand, scientists Einstein’s birthday is on 14 March. The birth of two people at the same time is likely to occur on 4 January and 14 March, 1/365 x 1/365 or 1/133225 that is 1 lakh 33 thousand and 22 times. But we rarely show interest in this rare thing that happened between Newton and Einstein! Many try to show such reasoning to boycott evolution. They say that the probability of a topic like evolution is very weak. But watch out, our world is full of many fatal possibilities. You can understand the example. Imagine, you chose a card from a four-set card, and then discovered that the format of the card is the BB, 7 of Ruthan, Golam of Ruitan and 3 of Escapan The possibility of getting the format you now have is 1/5 x 1 / 52x 1/5 x 1/5 or 1 / 73,11,616 that is, once every 73 lakh 11 thousand 616 times. And after you, this is not the only chance that someone else can pick up in the same arrangement. You have shown this rare job.

So, if you ever see a coincidence occurring, consider logical reasoning before considering it as a miracle. Maybe there is a relation between what you think of a coincidence that you feel more relieved to ignore! Or maybe it’s a coincidence that actually happened according to the possibility of its occurrence. It is normal to have one or two small coincidence incidents every day in human life. Cracking events can be quite surprising once a year. And at the end of the entire lifetime, the most incredible kind of coincidence (like the death of your boss on the day after death) will surely happen.