Family of Hindu teacher victimized by terrorist Md. Bachchu and Md. Shamim


Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: A minoriy hindu teacher, District of Bhula victimezed by local influential leader & terrorist Bachchu and Shamim Talukdar have been treated as if leave the country and beat at a minority hindu teacher’s wife and his family members.

On The infrom to us a unknown person, who’s very sorrowfully that, When terrorist Bachchu and Shamim Talukdar entered Nepal’s house room of his wife with 8/9 unknown persons, Nepel doesn’t stay in the place. They touched and treated as if they leave and move to the place or country. If don’t listen, the place will be bleeding. Nepel’s wife said that, terrorist Bachchu and Shamim Talukdar and Take along his wife’s gold ornaments and mobiles. She complained her husbend Nepal that after a hour of the incident, he was attacked again by terrorist.

In his complaint, he mentions that Nepal threatens to leave the country. He presented his allegations on social media along with various law-aiding organizations in Bangladesh. Introduced exactly for the convenience of reading.

Nepal Chandra Dey’s complaint:

My name is Nepal Chandra Dey, My home is the Nepal Master’s house on the south side of the master house on the east side of Kunjarhat Bazar under Borhanuddin police station in Bhola district. Unfortunately I am obliged to inform you and my administration through Facebook of risking my life. I am a teacher in the profession and I help the nation in building skilled professionals. I was born into a Hindu family in Bangladesh. So far I’ve been attacked by hundreds, they have entered my residence, beat my wife, looted our belongings. Did. On my way to school, the terrorists stopped and beat me. I can’t sleep at night because someone will come at night and attack our family. Yesterday, October 11, my neighbor Humayun Kabir Elias ( Bachchu) and Shamim Talukder entered our house with his family and beat my wife and took my wife’s mobile and jewelry while she was alone at home. I left home an hour later, then attacked again and again, and distorted our entire house, glass bottles were used to attack us. They have been trying to force us to take control of our land and have been fearful of leaving our country after birth. On numerous occasions, I have filed a complaint to the police station for not being able to respond to us because they are harassing us inhumane. I urge you all to help, we Hindus have been in this country for thousands of years. Please help us live peacefully. This may be my last appeal to everyone.