Handcuffed minority tears in the veins of security: Rajib Sharma


From the writer’s pen: As a result of persecution, endangered populations are beginning to develop civilization in this region and the progressive population of thousands of years has been increasingly endangered. In the 40s of the last century, these conflicts arose during the partition of India on the basis of two principles of partition.
On January 5, the tenth election of the Bangladesh Parliament was held. There was anarchy and anarchy all over the country before and after this election and it is still going on. While writing this article, various TV channels are being circulated in different portraits of the country including Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Jessore, on the issue of attacks, torture and torture of Hindu community people.

It shows that thousands of people left the hometown and took shelter under temple and educational institutions or under open sky. The oppressed said that no response was received from the administration and law-enforcement personnel by phone repeatedly by requesting to stop the attack. When and how the attack on minorities will come to an end
This is not the first time, in the past, when the population came to the polls, it became the main target of repeated attacks.

However, the widespread use of attacks on them, torture, torture, oppression etc. are much more. The main purpose of this article is to highlight the problems of these barbarous events and not to happen in the future.

For the last nearly 3 years, the main content of the discussion of almost all the Mahasas in the country and abroad will be the understanding between the parties fighting against the election system. During this period, thousands of religious minorities started to live in a safer city, leaving villages after being attacked and tortured. It is heard again that many people have migrated or are trying to migrate. All the people of the affected areas cut down on the night, they had to survive in the hands of the people at home.

The latest worst example of recent medieval attack on the Hindu community, due to the election being completed on 5 January. In view of this, some of the important information, queries and issues related to all political parties, government, religious majority, country-abroad, diplomatic corps, development organizations, the United Nations, country-foreign media, intellectuals, professionals, talk shows etc.Religious, regional, community and ethnic conflicts in the subcontinent, historically wrong decisions in the oppression of oppression and powerlift, these people are present in the minorities of Bangladesh – about 99 percent of them are Hindus; The others are Buddhists and Christian religions.
All over the world, an uncommon country called ‘Kufsal Pakistan’, the two-nation theory, is automatically unwanted. Because the only explanation for religion based theory is that Pakistan is a state created only for Muslims. As a result, on August 14, 1947, a large number of people of other ethnicities became aliens in their home country. Millions of minority people started migrating by force.
And the forced eviction episode of those who did not want to be exiled after spending the fourteenth child’s maternal grandfather In this process, due to the continuous oppression, torture and conduct of religious minorities in the region directly and indirectly by the government, many of them were forced to leave the country due to multiple communal riots. As a result of this exile, the number of religious minorities in Eastern Bengal, later in East Pakistan, came down to halfway in 23 years (1947-19 70). That is, the rate of their population decreases from 30 percent to 15 percent.
Only after the independence of Bangladesh, between the years 1972 and 1975, the intersection of the minorities was intersecting. During this period, due to state liberal and non-communal policies and according to the government and administration being run, the security of religious minorities is awakened and their migrants are temporarily reduced. But on 15 August 1975, the country was launched in Pakistan with the intention of killing the father of the State of Bangladesh by turning the character of 180 degrees into a state of slavery.
As a result, the security of the country’s religious minorities has been threatened again and their emigration began in the ninth time. In the early nineties, religious minorities in Bangladesh have to pay for the destruction of the Babri mosque in India and the destruction of it. The first significant number of religious minorities left the country after the independence of the government, due to their involvement in communal group attacks, torture and torture in support of the then government.
Until September 1, 2001, religious minorities were relieved, on October 1, 2001, after the election, they came down to medieval rituals. The BNP-Jamaat-led four-party alliance leader and workers, who were victorious in that election, started torture, torture and oppression on minorities. There is no inhuman and brutal torture in the homes, business establishments and places of worship vandalism, arson and looting, physical assault, injuries, murders, rape, forcible conversion and marriage, land grabbing, false cases, etc., which were not conducted on minorities. .
Without taking any kind of steps to stop these narcotic incidents, the four-party alliance government and the then prime minister Begum Khaleda Zia went to Saudi Arabia to commemorate the Umrah Hajj in order to thank for forgiveness in the elections. And the then secretary-general of his party commented on the news of the emigration of minorities who had been campaigning in different ways at that time, “If anybody is afraid of what they have done and leave the country, what can the government do?”
The leaders and workers of the four-party alliance, getting the support of the alliance, party and the government’s top leaders, continued to torture, torture and attack the religious minorities on religious minorities in the silent support of the administration and law enforcing agencies. Minorities just fall and fall.
When the state of emergency was announced on January 11, 2007, the level of torture on minorities reduced slightly. After the formation of the Awami League-led Grand Alliance government on 29 December 2008, the torture was temporarily stopped but it did not last long. Religious fundamentalist and communal forces in different ways started attacking minorities with different excuses and techniques.
Sadly, though the government led by the leadership of the political party led by the liberation war, the minorities were not exempt from the attack. During the government’s tenure, the strike has been stalled at all corners of the country. All religious minorities have been victims of more or less attacks. But the biggest attack was carried out simultaneously across the country on a number of minorities after the verdict of the death of one of the top and brutal war criminals of Delwar Hossain Sayedee was announced on 28 February last year (2013).
From now on, there is an attack on them in some places of the country. When the BNP-Jamaat-led 18-party alliance led by the protesters demanding the caretaker government, their vicious and terrorist activists are attacking minorities. Somewhere, the government supporter terrorists are also conducting such attacks.
After the announcement of the 10th election schedule on 25 November, the increase of the movement of the 18-party alliance increased with the increase in the number of attacks on minorities by their militant workforce. In particular, Jamaat-Shibir attacks the minorities all over the country. On December 12, the execution of Quader Mollah, known as the other war criminal ‘Butcher of Mirpur’, intensified.
On 16 December, the operation of joint forces in different places of the country continued. And from the 26th of December to the 9th January, the army is on the field as a striking force. Even after all, the attacks on religious minorities are not seen to stop before the January 5 general election, and on subsequent elections. These minorities are the common targets of participants in elections and all parties against the election
Already there was fear that they would not be exempt from continuous and pre-election attacks on communal forces. At last the danger is true. Some news of these ongoing attacks is seen in some print and web media, which is rarely circulated in partial and electronic media. But they are beaten anywhere in the country; Their houses, businesses and religious institutions are being burned and burned; Women are being raped and forced to convert and get married.
These people are being targeted in every conflict caused by the country. But their number is less than one and a half million According to the latest census of 2011, religious minorities in Bangladesh account for 9.6 percent of the total population. At present, the country’s population is estimated to be 16 crore, but the number of minorities in the country is 14.3 million.
In the context of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics , it is worth mentioning that only 64 countries have more than one and a half million population in 193 countries; And more than the population of the rest of the 129 countries, Bangladesh is more concerned with these endangered population. While the huge population of this population, that is, the world’s largest possible ‘ethnic cleansing’ is not taking any effective action from any corpus related to the country and abroad or is not visible to any discussion or role.
The selection of these sects is busy; That is, when the election of this country will happen, who did not participate in the elections, how many were elected unopposed, how to conduct free, fair and neutral elections, how they can make a real effort to deal with the conflicting parties on the election system. . Even after the election is complete, all the discussions around this election and the future elections.
In this way those who are trying to make a free, fair and neutral election in Bangladesh can be heard saying that those polls in the past, especially in 1991, 1996 (June), 2001 and 2008 were held under the caretaker government, because those elections are more or less appreciated at home and abroad. Was received and accepted. But they are never heard saying that almost every of those elections have been attacked more or less before religious minorities of this country and after some elections it has continued for several years.
The same view of the tenth National Parliament is being held on the same scene. So, those who are vocal about a free, fair and neutral election program, can not guarantee that there will be no attacks on minorities in this country or will not be ‘ethnic cleansing’!
On the other hand, all the issues related to elections are seen to be elevated, but why are they not heard from their mouth-to-word about the security of religious minorities? Do not think about the security of half a million people in the country, will everyone want to accept acceptable elections?
One of the main conditions for the negotiation between the conflicting parties, which is being discussed about Bangladesh’s election system, is the issue of security for more than one and a half million people of this country. All concerned will have to be vocal, give assurance, and memorandum of understanding should be made in such a way that the parties concerned will be compelled to comply with the provisions of the protection of religious minorities and those who disobey them will be legally harassed in the special court.
A Working Committee under the chairmanship of a Supreme Court judge has to be constituted to prepare the terms and conditions for the protection of minorities. In this committee, representatives of organizations and institutions representing minorities, government, parliament, political parties, human rights organizations of the country and abroad, the United Nations, etc. will be included in the committee.
At the same time, it is important to arrange strict measures to prevent attacks on religious minorities at the moment, to assist the victims and to rehabilitate and identify the attackers.
In the olden days, Ugrasena, the ruler of Mathura and Kansha, the son of Padani Padma, became the king by force forced from the throne. Then in one of the prophecies, he learns that the son born to his fellow goddess will kill him. So he kept Devki and her husband Basudev and killed six strangers born in Devaki’s captivity. However, in the mythological story, however, two children of Goddess Devaki survived in the miraculous Lila of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Parvati. They later grew up as Balarama and Krishna and killed Kanga and brought back the throne to Ugandan, Krishna.
Vaishnavite incarnation of Lord Vishnu, survived from the destruction of Kangmasam in this story of old. He came to the world as an avatar to save the Mathura from the oppression of the Kanga. Can we not take any concerted effort to save the religious minorities from the recent Ethaning Clinics of modern Bangladesh, to destroy Kangmasamas?

Conscious people of the country hope to see this matter.
Writer: Mr. Rajib Sharma, Journalist, Crime Investigator of The Crime and Ederoial Asst. of bdnewstimes.com, ex. Asst Editor The News

BD: Without the permission of the author, editor and publisher, this editorial is requested to not publish anywhere.


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