His sky is bigger than me: Rajib Sharma


I never wanted to be your best friend, before you said that I am your best friend. I did not tell you never leave me, before you said you never leave me. Tens of thousands of times before a message tuneed up … first tune the tunes and saw the mobile by rushing. Did you see !!
The operator then got the brain to understand the message and the message would not come, then the brain did not rush to show me the message.

But today I’m tired of waiting for the tune to be tired. But there is nothing to do. It is not possible to get time and talk. Your tie was more prominently in life, not mine. I’m a liar. Anyway, I was happy to know at least one of the truthful.

Remembering the date of each of your exams, I wanted to know how the test was done.
You did not respond to my message.
And you never knew from yourself how I am and how are you running now? Generally speaking, one of the most weaknesses of the author did not say anything. Actually, I think that has become relentless. People change slowly for two days in a day, but I’ve never seen such a sudden.

Today I calculate the calculation and get the number of you?
If you can show a reason to go away, I’ll show you ten reasons to come back. But I know you can not show a reason to come back. Maybe Mehdi wants to come running to me on the train in the early morning because of all his mischief, like the girl in the poem of poetry, it will be very late. You will have no choice but to return from the train and return to the train.
I do not want you to come back, but if you come back it will only be acting. I know I have become an actor for you.

No, it’s not right to lie, I always want to come back to you.
What to return without acting?
Maybe it can not be possible, maybe you will not even try to come back. Because what is your secret partner, a motivational person, with your eyes that the most honest man in the world, whom he has secretly shared, will you answer? I’m not a real man, you do not cheat yourself with the real man you have found. Do you think I’m angry, at all, not at all, not at all. They are writers to bear the pain of writers, not to hurt anyone. What benefits do you think of selfish self only? Yes everyone thinks in their own words. I have taken care of your vase, for your wedding.

But I think I was different from everyone. I said you’re sorry. I do not need to come to you from now on.

I do not even think that I thought, but when I think, the memories come in the jatla, whether it is the hard-to-reach world, someone may not have the power to disassemble.
The time has not stopped, like the cigarette smoke, I just stopped.
What do you think Eat less expensive cigarettes. Beer, Hotsky, Brandy? Hahaha
No Benson or Malboo Cigarettes, which is the current value of 11 Taka. You suspect I was Brandi, I do not eat, so do not! Beech asked a few times … and so on! Ahaha … I’m telling lies. All lies I have not done anything for anyone in this world. There is no excuse for anyone to do. If you give two beggars to the beggar, it is good to know from you that a great benevolent, compassionate one of the great men. Before that I was unknown. In your eyes today many people are kind, merciful. Perhaps it may have been the kindness of your kindness to Mother Teresa. I’m not kind, I do not! Once upon a time, I used to think that the hypocrites used to show people religion. Nowadays, the religion that becomes righteous in the leader and good actress, because of the money, you prove it.
Now every day I take many cigarettes. Haha ha cigarettes only talk about. The head is not right today I have eaten many together today. When I said it then stay there. Now it’s great to see the beer fendata in the glass. I smile and laugh together with tears.
There were many dreams of the family with me. I’m not trying to fulfill the dream. I’m going to a number of countries, passport, scholarship in Germany, Australia, Korea … So no! All lies I lie! I’m a liar.
Today the memories are very helpless. The world’s inefficient reason could not be religious with your eyes. Nowadays people can not see their present, but they are far away. Your situation and so on. Maybe it is covering the bloody efforts, so efforts are not getting fruit. Maybe the olive-colored sari will come in the morning train to ask me for a place, but my address will not be in the address at first. We will be unbearable. What can go! I can not know at that address. Because someone is trapped in your nets, because of your weaknesses. Hahaha What is the benefit of taking refuge in falsehood? False and cleverness drives misguided, that’s what you say. Today you are yourself! Very strange
When I was alone, I walked in with your shadow, I forgot all my backs.
If you do not lose the shadow, you do not have to lose the shadow. If you do not have to leave the bestfrend, then you were neither you nor your shadow. You can not find it in the light and you can not find it in the light. I will look at how much profit. You’ve got profits, losses, revenues, cash, etc., so easy to feel like you are feeling like a foam in the beer glass. You started the calculation of love, profit and loss, you started, answer and want to see from you. Maybe you are screwing everyone today, everyone believes in your life. But a day will come, there will be no one to listen to you. No train will stop for you as there is no train for Dr. Mitu. One can not move away, one can get away with one’s stupid one. It is not possible that Dr. Akash’s love is the same. What are you thinking? Fear of revealing all the information in life, fear the truth! Fear is what will accept the situation, which will be accepted as Mitu. Can not do it! Then do not worry.
If you do not want to see it, maybe you have to look for a reason. I do not know what went wrong with myself today. The storm has lost consciousness in my mind, because I know how many people have walked in two directions. The way is unknowable, the memory of memory alone comes only today, the happiness of the crowd, all the weeping cry, do not forget Bhola.
I am laughing while writing the texts, laughing loudly! You wanted this smile, did not you? Maybe you have a laugh today, a lot of laughter, a smiling smile. If you have such a smile and joy, nobody will be happier than me. All my words are false and unknown; You can present yourself in a very beautiful way. Like listening to me To gain popularity and popularity nowadays, many have to act falsely. Which I could not. So it is not religious and it is not. Hahaha Very nice, all arranged decorations, coloring like table decorated books.
What do you say I exhausted tired today Wants to take herself to another planet and wants to isolate from everything. But I did not want to leave without anyone except me. Now it’s no longer interrupted because you have kept one’s presence before leaving me, well done. In fact, one in the world is very difficult to recognize. If you have to go far away, then understand the absence of the matter!
So everyone is not going to leave themselves and go to another planet. What would be right for everyone? I understand Sabi but I can not do anything. I am not that that I can not live. I know there is no way to read this article. Although there is a medium, it may not be read. Because one does not realize the sadness of one’s happiness by sinking into the sea. Still I want to write so.
This writing was written on
07-05-2019 at 3:00 pm
At that time, I just
jhi ji poker called. I
have a notebook, pen, semi-packet Bombay suits, a bottle, a hanican and glass, my new shopping lighter, 14 Mallbooro cigarettes, a headphone, and two Mobile, and my tab. This is a burning cigarette in my lips.
You want to be good at all times. You have many harmful people ”

★ This author of this article is completely fictional, nobody will actually take it. The name of this story is dedicated to his name. “Do not be like a dreamer.” His name will be revealed in a short story. But for the benefit of the readers, the fragmentation will be presented with the name of the story in the story of the writer’s story. Now the names, addresses, names of the devotees are kept secret, in this post.
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