How are the Christian Pastors and Shepherds in Bangladesh: Rajib Sharma


From the writer’s pen: The day was a memorable day for Christian communities of Bangladesh. The ‘national feather and leadership conference 2015’ was held in Rajendrapur, Gazipur from 7th to 9th October. Hundreds of feasts, priests, priests, evangelists, gathered from different parts of the country. In the morning prayer at the beginning of the day, the pastors, priests, priests and Gospel workers in the court of the heavenly God, in various matters, including peace, harmony and enrichment of the country.
Today 06/10/2007, at 6:00 pm, on behalf of Bangladesh, a young writer and crime reporter Mr. Rajiv Sharma joined the program in the video conference of the International World Writers Organization. And he has released video commentary from the silent persecuted Christian pastors and shepherds of present Bangladesh since 2015.

The topics of prayer for the heart of the readers were highlighted
. President, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Ministers, Speakers, Parliamentarians;
2. Establishment of religious freedom;
3. Individuals and organizations related to anti-national activities;
4. Individuals and organizations associated with anti-Christian activities;
5. Church donor organization, foreign mission organization;
6. Foreign embassies / missions / high commissioning in the country;
7. Domestic and international human rights organizations;
8. Anti Corruption Commission;
9. Drug addict / young woman;
10. Political-free educational institution;
11. For the benefit of higher education;
12. Current education system;
13. For leaving dishonesty;
14. Persecuted and neglected women;
15. Establishment of women rights of all types;
16. Empowerment of women in society, society and national life;
17. Special vision of the government for indigenous women;
18. Rural churches;
19. Security of pastors, preachers and evangelists in remote areas;
20. For the growth of believers and churches;
21. Rural hospitals, clinics, dispensaries;
22. All denominations, para church organizations and NCFB;
23. Dynomination leaders, directors and officials;
24 Bible colleges, schools;
25. Christian mission schools, colleges;
26. NCFB Youth Board, Youth Department of Youth, Youth Worker;
27. For the sake of the misguided youth;
28. For the formation of future leadership;
29 To be interested in Christian theology;
30. For government jobs and opportunities; 31. NCFB Women Board, Women’s Wing of the Church, Female Worker;
32. For the guidance of stray women;
33. To ensure the safety of women on the soil of Bengal;
34. About uneven yoke binding etc.
The above issues were also found in the special prayer meeting held on 9 March before
. Prayers for believers in the world (especially Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Africa, the whole world including the Middle East);
B. Prayer for OIC leaders;
C. Prayer for various human rights organizations;
D Prayer for all the families who have been tortured and killed;
E. Those who are living in fear;
F. Prayer for the European Union;
G Prayer for pastors, priests, bishops and Christian leaders of the world;
J. Prayers for those who are hungry, fleeing;
Yes. Prayers for SAARC leaders;
J. UN peace talks with world leaders;
T Prayer for statesman;
L Prayer for international leaders Christ-believing pastors, priests, pastors, evangelists believe that only family, society, country and world can be changed through prayer of water.
Pastor’s assassination-1: Try to kill Luke Sarkar of the Fath Bible Church.
On October 5, 2015, the law-abiding Luk Sarkar of Faith Biblical Church in Ishwardi upazila of Pabna district was ready to slay the miscreants in public day; But they failed to escape. It is known that according to the plan, arrested Rakibul Hassan and fugitive Rakibul Islam, on 18 September, called on the government to hear Luke’s message. That morning they went to the house of Luke’s government on a motorcycle. In the name of listening to the religion, they observed an area around an hour to monitor the surroundings. On October 5, Rakibul Hasan, Another one named Rakibul Islam and Shakil Hossain went to the house of Luke. The Luke government kept listening to their teachings. About half an hour later, two people locked the head of Luke’s government. And Shakil was running a knife in the neck. The cleric Luke sacked the young man’s hands when he bitten the finger of the young man’s hand. Then he shouted. When his wife tried to come running from the adjoining house, one of the youths closed the door. His wife went to the living room sitting next to another door and saw that three young men locked the government, bloody, bloody. When his wife started shouting, the young men ran out of the run. When they tried to flee with motorcycle, the driver of the house owner chased them. The young man ran a motorcycle and ran a moving engine and ran away. After the initial treatment, the Luke government sued three unidentified people. Lastly, we have learned that Police have arrested five youths in a murder attempt. The arrested are members of the banned militant outfit Jama’atul Mujaddin Bangladesh (JMB). The arrested youths – Rakibul Hasan alias Rabib (22), Ziaur Rahman alias Zia (35), Abdul Alim (36), Shariful Islam alias Tulib (22) and Amjad Hossain (30). The first four people are in Pabna Sadar upazila, Amjad’s home in Sirajganj.
Pastor’s assassination-2: Pastor Rewa of Sylhet Presbyterian Shinde Church B. B. Trying to attack the Pentecost
On Sunday 11th October, unknown four young men, Rabha, the priest of Sylhet Presbyterian Synde Church in Moulvibazar. B. B. Attend the Pentecost Home. He was not at home at that time, he was in a religious meeting in Habiganj. From the other end of the door, when his wife looked unfriendly, she refused to open the door. Their application was, ‘We have come to church candlelight’. Rev. If the wife of the Pentecost does not prolong the conversation with them, then they will come back again. They came again at noon and reva. B. B. Find out for the Pentecost. Until that time he did not return to Habiganj. It is to be noted that the Christians of Moulvibazar meet the church at 5 pm in the afternoon. Those young people just came back to church before; Previously informed local police authorities arrested them. Reva on Sunday night B. B. Pentecostes tell tremble about the trembling thunders and request a prayer. He said repeatedly,
Assassination-3: On the same day, Steve S., pastor of the Bangladesh Assembly of God Church. On the
same day (11 October) at the same time, at the Hemayetpur police station, the cleric of the ‘Bangladesh Assembly of God Church’, Steve S. Hameem’s house encircles a group of miscreants and informs the landlord if they are knocking on the door. When the landlords informed the people around them, the miscreants left the place in Sadlabal. It is known that pastor Steve S. Haymeem repeatedly threatened to visit the street several times during the journey. It is known that, in the morning on 12th morning, the priest, Steve S., jointly with the landlord. Hameem made a general diary in local Savar Police Station.
Detention: 4: Former Regional President of Bangladesh Baptist Church Association. Dipu Majumdar attacked the extremists,
Honorable Speaker,
We have also been informed that on Oct 12, the former Regional President of ‘Bangladesh Baptist Church’, in Rangpur Sadar, Mr. Dipu Majumder has been attacked by religious extremists. In order to market in the local market, religious extremists exchange exchanged words with him saying that ‘people have committed crimes by conversion, we will teach you’ and so on. The other brother of Dipu Majumdar came forward to hit the hand in the hand and the local people also helped to calm down the situation, but the Christians of the entire area were frightened. The more we know that A group of unidentified people went to the Bolhalpurpur Mission of Kushtia on October 6th and took photos of the church, and the missionaries refused to meet them when they wanted to meet with a foreign missionary there. If the issues spread to the whole area, the fear of Christianity would appear in fear. Christian society leaders are uncomfortable at the above events.
Investigator Rajiv Sharma’s message to the Christian priests of Bangladesh
Madam, International Writers Association chairman, the International Human Rights Commission, the International Writers Forum of Journalists, the International Crime Investigative Chairman to the request, the khristiyanadera priests, pastors and peace khristiyanadera against the media, online portals, social sites “in Bangladesh in Chittagong Hill Tracts force s Rumors had been mantarakarana caracche. I can say that as a crime investigator, writing “forced conversion”, I think in my words that I suspect the proper knowledge of the words, and in my view, no Christian pastor, There is no evidence that the fate of the feather is harming a common Christian religion. And Christianity of Bangladesh is peacefully pacifist But some of the information about how Christian priests of Bangladesh have been reached to you. You are requested to investigate or investigate it. Christian priests of Bangladesh do not believe in any political ideology; We believe that what the country has given me, it is not a big thing, what we gave the country, that’s big.
A charan poet raises man’s character in this way,
“In order to find an order in ants, those who never leave one behind another; Unity is seen in the middle of the crow, while those who appear in a crisis, hundreds are present in the moment; I saw faithfulness in the dogs, who are ready to give life to his Lord; The transparency seen in Kabutara, who believe in a short time a stranger in a simple mind;
I saw hard work in the horses, who did not protest with his master for hours; I saw equality in the middle of bees, all of whom collect honey together; But I have seen envy, anger, greed, greed, cruelty, arrogance, among the best creatures of creation. ”

Mr. Rajib Sharma, Writer and Crime Investigator of Crime Patrol, The Crime and Ex. Editorial Asst of The News, bdnewstimes


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