Human Picketing at Chattogram Patiya PTI Training Center, Pvt. Will be the 11th grade of teachers, In The field “The Crime”


Ctg. Office: Mr. Rajib Sharma, Crime Investigator and Editoral Asst. of the newspaper who is the reporting on Human Picketing at Chattogram Patiya PTI Training Center last On Thursday, on March 14, a human chain program was organized at the PTI premises at Patiya Training Center, in Chattogram, demanding payment of salaries for 11th grade teachers of government primary schools.

In the chairmanship of the program convener Hiro Sikder chaired and member secretary Helal Uddin, the chief guest spoke on the occasion as chief guest, General Manager of Government Primary Teachers Association Patiya Upazila Dil Mohammad Sani.

Among others, Rafiqul Islam, Tumpa Roy, Zillur Rahman, Suman Das, Sujan Dev, Sajal Barua, Sanjay Shil, Hasan Munir, Taslima Akter, Nasir Uddin, Sanjoy Das and others spoke among others.

The speakers said that among the government primary teachers, the head teacher in the 10th grade and the assistant teachers get salary in 14/15th grade. So after the head teacher, the government teachers demanded to pay salaries in the 11th grade. Recently in the primary education week, the primary education minister pledged to pay the 12th grade for the assistant teachers. The trainees demanded the education minister to pay salaries to the 11th grade by changing their commitments.
They demanded to educate the teacher in a dignified manner, by removing this pay discrimination among the teachers. A notification said that about 3 hundred assistant teacher-teachers took part in the human chain of Government Primary School in South Chittagong.

It is known that “The Crime” will be inspected by the objective information collected, presented and interviewed by the appropriate information, to highlight the part of the teacher’s claim. But who is yet to be given the charge is not yet known.