I am coming, if I do not have the administration of the murder of my brother, I will do, see who the father: Anik Muhuri


Rajib Sharma, Chittagong: The incident of murder of Jubo League cadre Amit Muhurir in the Chittagong Jail demanded the drama ‘planned and arranged’ in the drama, demanding the trials of the incident, his younger brother Anik Muhuri claimed. If the administration of the country does not judge the killings, he has justified himself for the trial.

Anik Muhuri said, ‘I am coming, I am coming to Bangladesh. I am coming. If no one judges the murder of my brother, if the administration does not get justice, I will judge. Who will be the father? ‘

He came to live from India’s Facebook account on Friday (May 31st) Amid Muhuri’s wife Nidha Dutta Chaiti. In the 11 minute 45 seconds video, he indicated that he was involved in the killings. It is believed that he came to Facebook from the roof of any house in Kolkata.

Apart from Amit Muhurir’s alleged killer Ripon Nath, he is seen to be ridiculed repeatedly. Anik Muhuri has said several times in the video, ‘Amit Muhuri is dead. Ripon Nath killed Amit Muhuri! Well! The appearance of Ripon Nath is understood? Does Ripon Nath have the power to kill Amit Muhuri?

He also said, ‘My brother was brutally murdered. I was not to my brother. That killed my brother? Ripon Nath killed my brother? Seeing my brother killed in a shave. My brother did not have half of his life. My brother was killed. Have you ever heard of? To kill in jail?

All arranged plays:
Anik Muhuri said in a live video, ‘You will say, as it did; They will be punished. Yes, my brother was punished for two years in jail. Do you know the inside facts? My grandfather used to go out on the 11th of June. So what Whether Ripon Nath Arms entered the jail in arms case They were jailed in the jail, and my brother was killed from behind, my brother was cut off with a hoarse hand. Ripon Nath Marla behind my brother? Who killed? You judge The one whom my brother killed, was punished. He understood the mistake. Why was he killed? My grandfather never had half shave All arranged plays. Half of the shave. ‘

What is brick business in jail?
After the murder of Amit Muhuri, the prison authorities said that another prisoner, Ripon Nath, had died due to a brick bite, Amit Muhurir. Challenging the statement of the prison authorities, Anik Muhuri said in a live video, Ch. Chalele is giving my father to the dead while he is dead. Marale shot. This way someone killed? All of you share this video. We want justice for the person who has killed so brutally, we will judge him. Judge him. Kill him, kill him, and kill him. She has done wrong; Punish him My brother did wrong and was punished. Why did you kill him? When the administration said, inside the jail. The administration is not saying anything? Where does the brick come from inside the jail? What is brick business in jail? Answer it. Made such a big drama? There are CC cameras in jail. Find out the camera footage. If you’re okay with the administration, then get out of it. Find out who had the hands. ‘

11th March, Amit was talking about the issue: Anik Muhuri claimed that on 11th of the month, Amit Muhith was released without bail. She has gone to the level of news. So, Amit was murdered in a planned way earlier. Anik said, ‘My brother was good. 11th, we would have left the brothers. This news has gone to the level. My dad did not tell us so that nobody could hear me. Took 11 out of 11 days. But what crime my grandfather did? How to kill in a prison like this? What was the administration doing? At night, we are shaving my grandfather! No one goes to shave at 1:00? Do you shave a jail at 1:00? Time to shave in jail, two in the afternoon. That means killing my grandfather at two o’clock. ‘

The revenge slogan:
Anik Muhuri said that he was planning to kill Amit from outside the jail by pointing out to some specific person, “My grandfather was killed by planning a full six-six together. And who has planned, sitting in the house, standing, sitting in the house, killing my grandfather by planning. Do you play The day of the play is over. Where you sit and plan, you will die there. Amit has small brothers. Amit’s younger brother loves Amit. The house that is sitting in the plan, spent millions of rupees to kill my grandfather, I want justice.

He said in a video, “I am coming, I am coming to Bangladesh.” I am coming. If no one judges the murder of my brother, if the administration does not get justice, I will judge. Who will be the car? Income. You’re sitting in the house and giving money to the administration to kill my brother. All of you judge it. Killed my brother. Called my father to death. When did you know why? What do you say in prison? If you were killed outside crossfire; Then I could understand the mind. My grandfather does not have the ability to stand in front of Ripon Nath The boy or my grandfather killed? Everyone knows who made it. It’s been investigated. Who killed my grandfather at home? Spent millions of dollars. Get him out of the house Administration punished him. When my dad went to the case, The police are not taking the case. Police hand in such a way that the police are not taking the case. We went to the High Court to see the case. Police is taking dance dance You judge it. ‘

Amit Muhurir’s father Arun Muhuri claimed that, two years ago, the decision was made by the leader of a Jubo League leader to make his addicted boy better. Meanwhile, Amit has been granted bail in at least three cases. In two more cases, Amit was supposed to be released within a month of getting bail. A section of the group or a group influenced by the group was in fear of being active with Jubo League leader Amit. That is why he was killed by spending huge amount of money.

Amit Muhuri:
Dr. Raujan municipality ward 9 of Chittagong. Manoranjan Mohiree Amit Muhuri, son of Arun Muhurir of Chairman Bari. Omar Gani of the city was admitted to MES College but he could not cross the line. Chhatra League-Jubo League became increasingly professional murderers

In 2012, friend Russell has met with Amit Muhuri about female affairs. After taking revenge, Amit Muhyar took Russel away with his associates and beat up the barricades. Not only did she end up, but she was ruthlessly tortured by rubbing the body with a blade. Russell died after being hospitalized for one month in a private hospital.

On June 24, 2013, a group of Chhatra League and Jubo League men were killed in a clash between the railway tender in the city’s CRB Satarasta area. Arman (8) and Juba League activist Saju Palit (25). Amit Muhuri, one of the accused in the case of a sensational twin murder case From then on Amit took a different place in the city’s crime scene. Police arrested Amit Muhuri (30) in the case of dropping dead body in a drum after dropping a friend on September 2, On Wednesday (May 29th) at around 11pm, Amit was taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital in critical condition from Chittagong Central Jail. At 1:00 pm he was declared dead by the doctor.


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