Jubo League’s top terrorist Amit Muhurike murdered in jail?


Rajib Sharma, Chittagong: Friend Imranul Karim Emon has given a hand on the wife. After the assassination, the body was brought to the house by a brick-and-sand cement filled with a cigarette in a drum, Juba League’s top terrorist Amit Muhuri said.
Then the drum is removed in the pond. Later the body was recovered from the drum. Amit Muhuri, who was arrested from Comilla after the mystery, was imprisoned. Lash Khatte is also known as a devout and cruel killer from Amit Ershad Sikder.

For the perpetrators, the prisoner’s slogan ‘Keep safe, the way of light’ was committed in keeping the prisoners safe for the prisoners, Amit Muhuri was in jail. However, this place is also not available.

Three detainees wyere held in Cell No.6, while the jail guard said at 10:15 pm on Wednesday. Shah Panne see – Hajati prisoner Ripon Nath is hit with a broken brick on the head of Amit Muhurir. The brick head was swollen.

Immediate duty guard Shamim Uddin reached the front of the cell. Later, the Assistant Chief Prison guard said. Humayun Kabir Then, unlocking the lock of the room, Amit Muhuri was rescued and brought to the main gate.
From the gate of the taxman. Abdur Rahman, Golam Jilani and pharmacist Md. Ruhul Amin took the ambulance to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. After being taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital at 11.30 pm, he was given treatment in Ward no 28.
Amit Muhri died at around 1:15 pm while undergoing treatment. Due to the cause of death, doctors said that heavy objects died due to injuries. Nasir Ahmed of the district filed a murder case against Ripon Nath in this case.
Amit Muhuri’s Suratal report was prepared by Kotwali Police Station Sub-Inspector Sanjay Pal. The suratal report was written at the time of receiving the corpse for 12.30 minutes.

And the plaintiff wrote at the time of his death at 1:15 pm. According to the Suratahal report, Amit was wearing a black trouser at the height of 5 feet 8 inches high.

Chittagong district commissioner Mohammad Ilias Hossain constituted a one-member inquiry committee to investigate the incident in the prison. Additional District Magistrate Mohammad Mashhudul Kabir was instructed to submit the report within one working day by the head of the committee.
Additional District Magistrate Mashhudul Kabir went to Chittagong Central Jail after getting the responsibility for the investigation. Besides, the city’s Deputy Commissioner (South) Mehedi Hasan and Additional Deputy Commissioner of Detective Branch Mirza Sayem Mahmud, along with senior officials, entered the jail.

Detective Branch’s Additional Deputy Commissioner Mirza Sayem Mahmud said, “The statement of Ripon Nath and Bellal of the accused was taken.” The accused, Ripon Nath, claimed that he hit the rug on the brick with a brick.
Why are you angry? The accused were silent in response to such a question. Another Hajat Bellal in the room claimed that on Thursday, Amit Muhuri had a court appearance. On the previous night, Muhith fell asleep immediately.
It fell asleep on Wednesday night at 10. Then he fell asleep, Bellal himself. Suddenly, Bellal’s sleep broke after a while. When Ripon saw that Muhurir hit the head with a brick piece.

At that moment, Bellal got up and took a ripen waist and did not kill Muhuri. But Ripon continued to hit the head with the help of obstruction. Later the guards arrived there.

Responding to a question, Mirza Sayem Mahmud said the investigating officer of the case filed an application in court to show the accused Ripon Nath to the arrest warrant.

Besides, the remand application for questioning has been made. May be remand hearing on next Monday. Then the questioning can be understood, in reality why this murder case happened.

Asked about the killings inside the jail, DIG Prison Fazlul Haque said, the investigation will be done about how bricks came in the prison. Initially speaking with Ripon and Bellal, there was no information available about them among them “East enemies”.
But the prison authorities can form an inquiry committee to know the exact information about the whole matter. Meanwhile, the investigation committee formed by the district commissioner has been investigated on Thursday.

A source in jail said, after the lockup on Wednesday, Amit Muhuri was in contradiction with Ripon Nath. After the argument, Ripon Nath hit a brick knife in the night after Muhurin hit him.
But it was not possible to know what the debate was till Thursday. Another prison source said that Muhumer used the prisoners in his cell to serve him. There may be arguments about this.

Jubo League’s top terrorist Amit Muhumi has guns in arms with two arms in his lifetime. In the CRB area, on the east side of the railway eastern Tenderbajee, the accused accused in a couple of cases, later murdered his friend and shook his hand to fill the drum.

But in prison, only another prisoner suffered from brick injuries. The number of cell phones in cell number 6 is basically the lifeline of this top terrorist.

After the autopsy, police handed over the body of Amit Muhurir to relatives. On Thursday afternoon, when the body was taken to DC Hill area, the followers of Muhurir gathered together to tear their tears. Then the body was taken to the house of Rauzane village.
In connection with the death of Amit Muhurir, Nasir Ahmed of Chittagong Central Jail District filed a murder case with Kotwali Police Station. In the case of the case, the plaintiff mentioned that Amit Muhuri, 32, son of Arun Muur, 32, resident of 3rd floor of Nandankanan 37 Golap Singh Lane Matin Building of Kotowali Police Station, was arrested in Chittagong Central Jail in Hajwa Parwanam from 3 September,
16 more interim bail applications were found after being sent to jail in Kotwali thana murder case. Muhurir was detained in Room No. 32 of jail No. 6 in prison.

In the room, Ripon Nath (28) (Hajati number 7132/19) was captured. Ripon Nath, son of Narayan Nath of Fatehgan Hemant Sarkar of the Sitakunda Police Station. In the case of Double Mooring Police Station Arms Act, Ripon is a Hathi Bondi. In addition, there is a detainee detainee named Bellall in the room.

Nasir Ahmed of the district filed a case with the Kotwali Police Station and directed the CMP Commissioner Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman to send the detective police to the northern division to investigate. Following the directive, detective department Inspector Bikash Sarker was given the responsibility to investigate the case.

There were 17 cases filed against Amit Muhuri, who were involved in numerous crimes including two offenses. The terrible terrorists used to follow Helal Akbar Babar, another Awami League leader of Chittagong. After the murder of friend Imranul Karim Imon, on 3 September, 2017, the detained person was imprisoned in Chittagong Central Jail (Hajati number 15169/17), Amit Muhuri
On Thursday, after reaching Muhurir’s body in the DC Hill area, the Awami League leader Helal Akbar Babar broke down. After killing his friend Imon and drumming his body into a pond, Babur admitted Muhurin to Comilla’s drug-addiction center. Earlier, more than 100 followers of Amit Muhurir launched vandalism in the hospital at night. They vandalized the collapsible gate and windows of the hospital.


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