‘Kashmir does not want, we want Virat Kohli’ tensions between the two countries


International Desk: Recently a picture of the social media has been viral. It appears in the picture, that some youths have been holding two flags at two ends in a tangled position. The flag of Pakistan above, and the green banner below is written in white ink, ‘We do not want Kashmir. Give it to Virat Kohli. After the India match in the current World Cup cricket, the picture is seen through social media.

Around this picture the political tension has started again.

India v Pakistan was spread across India by twenty-two hours of cricket. The battle of antiquity has been impressive in the daily life of twenty-two yards.

After the World Cup cricket match, Virat Kohli came in the head for another reason. Virat Kohli means heat. He is the undisclosed brand ambassador of cricket. He also gave a reply in the Pakistan match. There are many supporters in Pakistan too. Kohli can ask Pakistani supporters!

Earlier, the sound would be raised in the past, ‘Madhuri De Do, Kashmir Leo.’ Or the message was given to leave Kashmir in exchange for Sachin. The same image about Kohli.

Meanwhile, a section of the social media demanded that the edit with the vast Kohli be edited. The main picture is the separatists of Kashmir. They wanted the Azadi. That message was part of the green flag. Intriguingly the article was edited and edited.