Mirza Fakrul to be beaten Show


Desk Report: BNP’s Central Co-promotion editor Krishibid Shamimur Rahman Shamim and local BNP leader Bulbul Akhter Shantar have been stripped of their phones. The phone conversation on the social network Facebook has become viral.

The conversation was justified: –
Quiet: Brother, Assalamu Alaikum. how are you brother?
Shamim: I’m good.
Quiet: I do not see you for a long time? What will happen to our future?
Shamim: The end, the end …
calm: not all finished?
Shamim: That’s exactly what I’m saying.
Quiet: ‘Yes, Rizvi (Ruhul Kabir Rizvi) brother saw some procession today, taking 10/12 people a procession. I saw on Facebook. ”
Shamim: 10/1 procession of people will do?
Calm: ‘That means 10/12 people took a procession in protest of the 30-day election. Is not it a ridiculous? It was also a big procession. It seems that the team runs, no one else. There is no leader and no leader.
Shamim: What happened?
Quiet: ‘Once cool … .yso a little running a PS with the Secretary-General, he thinks no one else needs to do. ‘
Shamim: ‘Mirza Fakhrul (Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir) will be beaten. Beat with shoes. ‘
Quiet:’ That is the beginning. It looks like the chakra of his imagination. His attitude has increased since before. He does not even take pictures. ‘
Shamim:’ Shayrul Kabir Khan will also be beaten, Taleo (Mirza Fakhrul) will be beaten. People are not writing on facebook Nasereo will be beaten Shamim: No, not calm: Tactically to kill. Shamim: You have to kill nose.
Calm: Nosu is in good shape. I can not even join them. Can not rotate I go, I’m on the side.
Shamim: No no .., you have to kill a nose.
Calm: Can be given to the mother. If you kill, it will not be straightforward, brother They have to be destroyed in the gulalake call.
Shamim: No no … Shanti: Do not have the
guts to kill in Noakhalla. Calm: He’s just going alone. He is going to be killed. Shamim: Call-hinges must be finished. Calm: He can not do anything. Shamim: A broker of Mirza Alamgir and the united front government. Quiet: Yes, yes, that’s what it looks like. Partha’s brother also said, Perth’s brother is called straight. Perth’s brother does not seem to be there. Shamim: Not so.

Quiet: Partha’s brother could break 20. Such discussions are under discussion. I say with my mouth. I’m not putting her selection, so I’m all sitting sitting. There was also Donner’s brother.
Shamim: Okay, I’ll talk to the meeting.
Quiet: So a few days in his house (donor).
Shamim: All right. Calm: OK, okay, call the brother.

Sutra-Bangladesh Daily


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