Misdiagnosis and negligence of doctors and nurses: Maternal death in the wrong injection of Comilla


Comilla Correspondent: A pregnant woman, pregnant Riya (19), was found guilty of wrong treatment of a doctor at the Family Hospital and Diagnostic Center in Daudkandi, Comilla.

Riya, daughter of Solaiman Mia of village Juranpur (Bhuiya house) of Daudkandi Thana of Comilla.
Maternity rear mother said that in order to make a Caesar, the doctor initially pumped injection to make her daughter unconscious. Within half an hour, the girl’s body started to change after the start of severe pain. Immediately after taking the ambulance, the girl died. After the injection of the injection, the situation of the girl becomes such a situation.

The family claimed that doctors treated their daughter with wrong treatment. It is not a normal death, it has been killed. Parents complaining directly against hospital authorities and doctors.
No statement was found on behalf of the hospital.