Modi promises temple of Rama


NEW DELHI, – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday sought to woo Hindu voters and farmers with an election manifesto he hopes will help him seal a second term in office.
Modi’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) outlined its key policies in the document released with fanfare in New Delhi, balancing nationalist policies with development talk, three days before elections begin.
The party said it was committed to building a grand temple for Hindu god Rama “as soon as possible in a harmonious way” and pass a citizenship bill that would grant Indian nationality to Hindus from neighbouring countries.
The conflict over whether a temple or a mosque should be constructed in the holy city of Ayodhya is a major flashpoint between Hindus and India’s sizeable Muslim minority.
Under fire from the opposition Congress party for not doing enough for India’s struggling farmers, the party said it would infuse more than $300 billion for rural development.
It would also extend an annual handout of 6,000 rupees ($86) and introduced a pension scheme for small and marginal farmers.
“Nationalism is our inspiration … good governance is our mantra,” Modi, 68, said at the launch. “It (the manifesto) is multi-layered and multi-dimensional because our society is very diverse. We can’t have a one-size-fits-all kind of policy. It addresses the needs of all sections of society.”


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