Mr. Deepak’s warm wishes to the leader of the Central Committee of the Bangladesh Hindu Parishad


Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: The convenor of the Hindu Hindu Parishad Sylhet district and Vice-President of the central committee, Deepak Roy, greeted all traditional devotees.

In a greeting message on Friday, October 5, he said that since the climate of the present day, the Hindu community has been celebrating Shardio “Durga Puja” through religious sentiments in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Under the leadership of the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the present government has guaranteed equal rights to people of all faiths. Shardio Durga Puja, the main festival of the traditional Sonatoni religious people, may all power be destroyed, evil powers will be destroyed, good power will rise. He hoped that in the main religious festival of the people of traditional religions, the sacred ground of communal harmony would make the festival even more enjoyable by encouraging everyone in Sylhet.

He called upon the citizens of traditional religions to pray for the development and prosperity of the country and nation. He wished happiness, peace and prosperity to all at the Shardio festival.