Prison is not safe for the Hindus of Bangladesh, Palash is burnt to death but the government is silent: Adv. Govinda Pramanik


Rajib Sharma, Chittagong Office: Hindu society of Bangladesh fearing the burning of the famous lawyer and founder general secretary of Bangladesh’s Grand Alliance, Palash Kumar Roy, in jail. This incident happened in Panchagarh District Jail of Bangladesh. The petrol was poured on his body to the jail toilet and was set on fire. Who did this work? No answer was found for this question. The jail guards took Palash to hospital while being wounded and died there.

Awami League made a statement about the leader, who was arrested in the wake of the complaint. Although Palash and his close friends claimed that this allegation was false, Although police arrested him on the basis of this false accusation. He was taken to jail, where on April 26, petrol was set on fire on his body. Prison guards screamed and screamed. The fire was taken to a local hospital and then taken to Dhaka Medical College, but could not be saved. In this incident, the investigation of the International Human Rights Organization has claimed that several organizations Rajmata Roy, the BJP candidate from Silchar Lok Sabha constituency, is currently heading the Bimalangshu Roy Foundation of Silchar, demanding Indian intervention in this case. His accusation, the government of Bangladesh has been sitting on the face of the face. In this incident, criminals are punished, For this, the Indian government should put pressure on Dhaka. At the same time, he has demanded an international investigation into the incident. He said that the intervention of the International Human Rights Organization of this incident is very urgent. He claimed that in an interview given to the Assam Tribune, he said.
The Hindu Grand Alliance and other Hindu organizations and human rights activists demonstrate in Dhaka protesting the incident for the last few days. They complain that cruelty on Hindus is increasing every day in Bangladesh. Prison is a safe place, where someone is being burnt alive, the incident is rare in the world. Even the government is sitting on the face of this incident. Nobody expressed regret even in courtesy. Journalists have left the place because of being “seeing” a minister responsible for the question. But the person who was killed is a child of freedom fighter A honest man Have always protested the injustice. Even while working in a private company at the start of his career, he protested the company’s secret wrongdoing, He brought the wrongdoing publicly. At that time, he was attempted to be kidnapped and murdered. Hindu Grand Alliance was formed under the leadership of Palash Roy, who had long been active in minority rights. Under his leadership, the grand alliance continued to fight Hindus and continued their struggle.


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