Priya Saha Issue: What Barrister Suman has said is the Secretary General of the Hindu Mohajhot Advocate Govinda Pramanik


Rajib Sharma (Ctg. office):
Barrister Sayedul Haque Sumon has announced a lawsuit against US President Donald Trump for lying to the country over human rights activist Priya Saha.

On Sunday (July 19th), Barrister Sayedul Haq Sumon, in a live video message on Friday, announced that a case will be filed against Priya Saha on Sunday (July 21st) for sedition charges. In view of this, Advocate Govinda Chandra Pramanik, secretary general of the National Hindu Mahajot of Bangladesh, said in his Facebook status to Barrister Sayedul Haque Sumon, “The list of Hindu Missing is published in the form of Gazette in the list” A “and” B “of the property. Why is the burning of fire on the whole of the true language of Priya Saha? A barrister has declared a sedition case. Can he show the persons listed in the vested property list? Aren’t they missing? What is the Bureau of Statistics of the Government of Bangladesh?
In 1901, there was a Muslim population of 1 crore 91 lakh 13 thousand. And the Hindus were 95 lakh 45 thousand. That is, half the Hindus of the Muslim population. In 2001, the Muslim population was 11.11 million 79 thousand and the Hindu population was 1 crore 13 lakh 79 thousand. According to the reckoning, there should be five and a half million According to official accounts, 4 million Hindu Missing.

Where are the names which have been published in the form of the Gazettes in the “A” and “B” accounts of the present government’s vested property? Our claim to the Barrister, if the claim is for harmony, is to arrange for the return of their property by first bringing back the people who have been published in the property list. Then you filed the case. ‘

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump met with 25 people from 5 countries who were victims of religious persecution at the White House in the US President’s Office. During that meeting, Priya complained about her country ‘horrible’ to Trump.

He told Trump, “Sir, I am from Bangladesh. There, 3 million Hindus, Buddhists and Christians disappeared. Please help us. We want to be in Bangladesh. There are still 3 million minority people. My request, please help us. We do not want to leave our country. Just help stay. ‘

Priya added, ‘I lost my house, they burned my house. They have taken possession of my land. But they (the administration government) have not taken any action.

At this time, Trump asked the woman, “Who has occupied the land, who has occupied the house?” The woman replied, “They are Muslim fundamentalist groups. They always get political asylum. Always gets. ‘