Provide 11th grade to government elementary assistant teachers


Mr. Rajib Sharma(Ctg. Office): There is a saying in Singapore – ‘If you want to be a rising tiger in the economy, then invest in primary education.’ Today, Singapore is so much better to say that this is not just in paper but in practice. After just six years of Singapore, our country is independent, but we still have much less than Singapore. This information is available on Tuesday (July 16th) in an article published in Ittefaq. Written by Mahfizur Rahman Mamun.
It is not possible to hire talented teachers at a standard salary because our country invests so little in primary education. As a result, meritocrats are also not attracted to the primary teaching profession. However, the talented primary assistant teachers who are currently working also try hard to quit their profession. Due to failure of the authorities to attract meritorious teaching profession and not being properly evaluated by the meritorious teachers working, our country’s primary education standards can not be developed substantially.
Assistant teachers of elementary completed the important task of teaching primary; But their salary and status are so poor that they bring salt to their families, Panta Puri, Due to financial constraints, the assistant teachers may not fully pay themselves in the study despite their desire. Many forced themselves to engage in alternative teaching courses. Moreover, mercenaries will never want to be primary teachers at such a low salary. There is no alternative to recruit meritorious assistant teachers for achieving quality primary education.
Therefore, the humble request from the authorities is that the long time demands of the primary assistant teachers should be given through the PSC by providing the 5th grade for the fast to get quality primary education. The talented teachers will be encouraged to become the primary assistant teachers and the talented teachers who work there will also pass themselves on to get a quality elementary education.