Rafiq-Salam will live forever in the eyes of the Bangali: Rajib Sharma


On the writer’s pen: Today is the great International Mother Language Day. We are the people of the strange world. Occasionally the question arises in my mind, whether I am in Bangladesh! In the state, society, customs, culture and languages, we are involved in Bengali language. I do not want to say the word ‘Bangla language’ in my name. This language has remained pollution. I have always been in doubt about Bengali. Bangali spends billions of rupees but does not have version of Bengali grammar. In school-college, the salary of the teachers of Bangla department is low, their classes are among the worst classes of students. Many do not have classes Moreover, it is also a matter of surprise that before the Bengali teacher’s name, get specialty and gift from the students. Parents appointed English books and teachers for their sons and daughters. Parents are proud to know a few English people. We wanted this Bangla, which was shown to the people!

Bengali big eloquent people. Forget about their history. Sometimes distorted by Aharonisi. With the number of martyrs in the liberation war, about the declaration of independence, about the contribution of Sheikh Mujib … there is no issue which the Bengalis do not dispute with. As we are, we celebrate Ekushey February, we call it ‘International Mother Language Day’, but we really know what is the history of Ekushey February International Mother Language?

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Even in internationally celebrated UNESCO posters leaflets or newsletters, you will never see the news of this sacrifice of Bangladesh in 1952. You do not know how this day of February 21 has become a global mother tongue day since 2000. There is no way to know – who were behind this The exception is just this my writing. Hasan Mahmud (Fatemollah) The Makers of History : International Mother Language Day has been consistently highlighted that the two migratory Bengali made Ekushey February as Language Day by working tirelessly. A little text in English But outstanding documents. Before I lost the document, I think that on this day of Ekushey February, let’s glorify this glorious episode in Bengal.

The last aspect of the last nineteenth century. The whole of everything was named Rafiq (Rafiqul Islam), a Bengali resident of Kenya. Looks like something unusual in the look of the film. Classical Bengali looks, there is no specialty in the face of any specialty. But if anyone speaks a little bit, then it is understandable that this common man is hidden in a rich energy spurt. Once upon a time the liberation war did not liberate the country and the mother-from the hand of the Pak army. So who will be the fighter to turn this person into Ekushey February International Mother Language Day?

In 1952, a rafiq died in police firing by 144 people in the University of Dhaka, killing Ekushey February was immortalized. After 46 years, another Rafiq did another daring work in Canada far away.

1) On January 9, 1998, Rafiq wrote a letter to Kofi Annan, the then General Secretary of the United Nations. In this letter, Rafiq mentioned the contribution of language martyrs in 1952 and suggested Kofi Annan to be internationally recognized on 21st February as ‘Mother Language Day’.

2) At the time, the letter came to the notice of Secretary General of the Chief Information Officer Hasan Ferdous (also known as a litterateur). On 20 January 1998, he requested Rafiq to arrange for a similar proposal from any member of the United Nations member states.

3) According to the advice, Rafiq set up an organization named “A group of Mother Language of the World” with his comrade Abdus Salam. It was an English-speaking, a German-speaking, a Cantonese-speaking, a lucrative member. They again wrote a letter from Kafi Anan “A Group of Mother Language of the World”, and sent a copy of the letter to the UN agency Canadian Ambassador David Fowler.

4) A year has passed. In the middle of 1999, Hasan Ferdous advised Rafiq and Salam to meet Joseph Poud of the UNESCO Language Department. After meeting with Joseph, Joseph advised them to meet UNESCO’s Anna Maria. We will remember this Anna named Mera gratefully, because this lady made Rafiq-Salam’s job much easier. Anna Maria listened to Rafiq-salam and then suggested that their proposal be brought by 5 member countries – Canada, India, Hungary, Finland and Bangladesh.

5) At that time, Bangladesh Education Minister MA Sadek and Education Secretary Kazi Rakibuddin, professor Kafiluddin Ahmed, Mashiur Rahman (the then Director of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat), Syed Mozammel Ali (Ambassador of Bangladesh to France), Iqtiaor Chowdhury (Councilor), Tojammel Haq (UNESCO Secretary General Adviser) and many others involved. They worked more and more for the night, more than 29 Person to gain the support of the country in favor of the proposal. It was unacceptable to other Bangladeshi and expatriates – at the time of the dramatic drama being played behind the scenes. The people involved with this ambitious project and people in Vancouver, Canada know only about the facts, and with hope in the chest, they are going to trap their dream every day.

6) On 9th September 1999 The last day of the UNESCO proposal. The proposal has not arrived yet. Meanwhile, Rafiq Salam is going beyond the hindering of the night. Sitting in front of the telephone, and keeping an eye on the email. Actually there was a sign of the Prime Minister left behind the proposal. And the prime minister then in parliament After the parliamentary schedule, the proposal deadline will be passed to sign. That time will not reach UNESCO as soon as possible. All the hard work will be in the water.

7) The Prime Minister is called upon to call on the proposal and he faxed the proposal to UNESCO’s office. Just one hour before the end of the office hours, Fax came to UNESCO’s office.

8) On November 16th, the most widely proposed proposal was not raised in UNESCO meeting for an unknown reason (periodically?). Rafiq Salama has passed a more disappointing day.

9) Next Day – 17th November, 1999. A historic day. The proposal was presented at the first meeting. 188 countries supported this immediately. No country has opposed it, nor even the Pakistan itself. Unanimously, Ekushey February was adopted as the International Mother Language Day in UNESCO’s meeting.

In this way Ekushey February became an international day. But after all this, Rafiq and Salam, the original entrepreneur of International Mother Language Day, remained unknown to all. Their abandonment and labor was unknowingly abandoned. Nobody knew what was the bitterness and hoped that the last night of November 1999 was a nightmare. Nobody knows how their supportive family, their family, and close friends stayed in the support age. How many unidentified people got the Bangla Academy Award, Ekushey Padak, and in this non-negotiable country, and Rafiq Salamah left the neglected.
Through this writing, I propose to give Ekushey Padak of Rafiq Salam, the two language soldiers from Canada, on behalf of me.

Writter: Mr. Rajib Sharma , (M. Div On The Bible , Jhon Hopkins University ), Crime Investigator of The Crime and Editorial Asst. of bddnewstimes.com

B. Note: Special requests are requested not to publish anywhere except with the permission of the editor and publisher and the writer’s permission.


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