Spooky electricity bill to fill corruption deficit: NAP


Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh (NAP) has said that it is harassing the customers by paying spooky bills and cutting the pockets of the people to meet the corruption and looting deficit of the corrupt officials and employees of the power sector.

In a statement sent to the media on Friday (May 22), party chairman Jebel Rahman Ghani and secretary general M. Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan said this.

They said that in the midst of the Corona riots, the haunting bills of the power department are creating new panic in the minds of the people. There is no evidence of corruption in the power department. As a result of their corruption, one or another customer has to count such spooky bills throughout the year. In order to legitimize the illicit income they make through corruption, they are constantly trying to extort large sums of money from the common consumers by giving them ghost bills; Such is the complaint in the mouths of the aggrieved customers today.

The leaders said that where a customer’s electricity bill is 3-4 thousand rupees per month, it is necessary to think about how big a loot it is when his bill suddenly comes to 52 thousand rupees in March. The rogue officials and employees of the power sector have jointly made all these bills completely unreasonable and imaginary. The offices of the power department of the whole country have become the arena of the corrupt. Illegal transactions are essential for electricity connection or any other service, as is the norm here.

The NAP leaders further said that the tariff price of the second phase is Rs 1.45 per unit more than the first phase and the tariff price of the last phase i.e. the sixth phase is almost three times higher than the tariff price of the first phase and a customer has to calculate additional price for the total used units. As a result of the additional units they have added to the current spooky bill, each customer will have to pay the unit price of the third, fourth or sixth stage, using the same number of units as in the first or second stage. On the other hand, the assurance of DPDC officials to increase the bill is just a kind of fraud.

They said, “Professional people of all walks of life are lost today in view of the horrible death situation and Eid.” Showing imaginary readings in such a catastrophic moment, the sword of the ghostly bill has become a sharp blow to the common man. In this case, all spooky bills need to be amended immediately. The customer has to prepare the bill according to the tariff price of the step amount of units used.

They said that in this epidemic of corona, when the government of Bangladesh and other countries of the world are giving different packages incentives to keep its people safe, at that very moment such an example of the government serving the country will make the common people more upset. The people expect that the concerned agencies of the government including DPDC will be responsible by reducing the increased prices without delay.