The arrested terrorist Masum


Rajib Sharma, Crime Investigator, Chittagong: Awami League terrorist Didarul Alam Masum was arrested in the city’s Lalkhan Bazar area after his license was revoked. A team of Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Chittagong arrested Masum from Banani area of ​​the capital around 8:30 pm on Sunday.

Didarul Alam Masum was arrested in connection with the murder of BCL leader Sudipta.
Asked about this, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) told Dhaka Metro SP Azad The Crime, “We heard that the accused was arrested in a murder case in Chittagong last night.” However, none of us did the operation. It is possible that the PBI has launched an operation in Chittagong.

Asked to know PBI Chittagong Additional Superintendent. Moin Uddin
The Crime that Didarul Alam Masum was arrested from Dhaka in the Sudeepta murder case. He is being brought to Chittagong.

The Home Ministry recently revoked the two arms licenses of dissident Awami League leader and one-time vicious terrorist Didarul Alam Masum in response to a petition filed by his rival Awami League leader and Lalkhan Bazar ward councilor FM Manik.

Didarul Alam Masum is the general secretary of Awami League, Lal Khanbazar ward of the metropolis. On July 22 (Monday), suspected terrorist Masum’s two weapons licenses were revoked in response to allegations by his opponent of the same party leader and local ward councilor F Kabir Manik.

Later, on Saturday afternoon, Dadarul Alam Masum himself appeared at Khulshi police station and handed over his weapon to two policemen.

Local sources told The Crime that during the last Awami League (8-20), Masum was involved in various types of crimes, including his cadre forces, from occupying the area of ​​Lal Khanbazar in the city. Didarul Alam Masum fled to the Middle East when the BNP came to power in the elections in the 21st. In the Middle East, his business and business are also. Masum returned home after Awami League came to power in 27 years.

Masum was also able to withdraw multiple cases filed in his name at the recommendations of top government officials. Farid Mahmud, the organizer secretary of another city Jubo League, made a strong impression of it while escaping for a long time in the Middle East.

After returning home, Masum became publicly involved in a feud with Farid Mahmud in order to regain his dominion and regain control of the area. There have been gun battles between them several times in the conflict of domination. A few years ago, Masum was a top police-listed terrorist. After Awami League came to power, Masum withdrew his name from the police list. Not only that, he introduced himself as an established businessman and also obtained multiple firearms licenses in his name.

Didarul Alam Masum, associated with the primary and mass education minister Afsarul Amin, was opposed to former Awami League president ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury in the grouping politics of the Awami League in Chittagong. He also established a cadre force of his own in Lalkhan Bazar area of ​​Chittagong.

The then Jubo League’s top terrorist, Didarul Alam Masum, was shot dead with open arms at an opposition political party rally in the city’s Lalkhan Bazar area on April 23. The next day, the photograph of Masum was shot in the arms of all the national dailies, but the administration took no action against him.

Meanwhile, Masum has been accused of killing five activists of his own party at the hands of forces. Shortly thereafter, clashes between the Lalkhan Bazar area and the gun battle ensued.

Last week, on the morning of October 27, the student was murdered in front of the house of South Nalapada of Sadarghat police station. Sudipta’s father Meghnath Biswas Babul filed a case against seven unidentified persons in this connection. Dadarul Alam Masum was later named as the perpetrator of the murder in the confession of the arrested accused.

Meanwhile, on June 23 (Saturday), a clash broke out between the followers of Awami League general secretary Didarul Alam Masum and Urban Volunteer League member Abul Hasnat Belal over the Lakhan Bazar area. Al Amin, a follower of Masum, filed the case with Khulshi police station. Police later raided and arrested 22 people.