The country’s poor talent was sold in the developed country today: Mr. Rajib Sharma(M.Div)


The word “brain drain” in English means the use of intellectual trafficking. And it is said in the global definition that when a poor or developing country is educated and skilled professionals from higher education, they do not come back to the developed countries in the hope of getting better pay and a better life, then we see it as intellectual property.

The bright students of our country are leading the universities and companies in the world. Public University teachers, almost two-thirds of the passage of foreign education for our country’s higher education After admission of merit in the university, it will be for a post-graduate or doctorate degree abroad for a few years or few months after getting the faculty. Hundreds of these teachers have established themselves outside the country. But the main responsibility of these meritorious students was to return home with higher education. Trying to repay the debt of farmers, weavers, rickshaw drivers, and the opportunity to study at the university’s income-tax department. But no, we can not do that. One after the other we lost young talents.

Intellectual trafficking is not just that from Bangladesh. Brain drain in most parts of the world has been seen as a cortisol. According to science magazine ‘Pauls One’, about 40 percent of the foreign students studying in the US Department of Science and Engineering are foreigners. A large part of those who come from China. In a relatively less-paid scholarship, the mercenaries of Asian countries are taking a lot of temptation in Europe and the United States to their homes. Although the developed countries initially consider their economic wastage, they are utilizing the talents and collecting income tax by organizing a joint fund for research, in the state treasury.
Due to global warming, there are three main reasons for ‘intellectual trafficking’. Firstly, economic well-being, secondly, the correct assessment of merit and third, social family and medical safety. So what is the problem of brainstorming? They are living quite a comfortable life. Again, sending remittances to the country. But what is the ultimate results?
In our country there are three levels of cultivable land – top label, middle and low. When a farmer tries to harvest crops, he will harvest crops in the top label. Because the quality of land at this high level is okay. If someone cuts the high level, then at the middle level the crops are killed. We are now cultivating middle level talent.

Bangladesh is now suffering from vulnerability in all areas starting from the ministry; The results of which we can see in the papers. After passing the Arts or Commerce Faculty, the Ministry of Science is in charge of the research. Those who have no experience in biology or chemicals in the zero-room. Moreover, there is no significant place for a meritorious person in Bangladesh. A good writer or journalist, the teacher has no chance of criticizing his own free speech. We are a developed country of German, United States of America, United Kingdom, and even South Korea, neighboring India, India has a critique of freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of expression. Many good students of Bangladesh express their views in those countries, but they are threatened in their own country, Being compelled to leave the country for the safety of women and children. They can contribute generously to our country. But due to insecurity, today’s mercury is almost zero in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, meritorious students can not stand in a flat form after coming to politics, which is mainly because of the grouping politics, which also leaves him to leave the country’s favorite dream-University-University In the developed countries, it is being carried out. After being in good position to remember his past and today the dream of hope in his country is lost. However, the current movement of language movement in Bangladesh has been almost successful, meritorious, brave students. But finally, after the movement, the victims of direct or indirect torture Courageous students. But finally, after the movement, the victims of direct or indirect torture Courageous students. But finally, after the movement, the victims of direct or indirect torture Courageous students. But finally, after the movement, the victims of direct or indirect torture Courageous students. But finally, after the movement, the victims of direct or indirect torture

In universities where teachers and students are busy with research, they are practicing politics. Bangladesh has seen a lack of thinking people Once upon a time the elderly are leaving the earth. Their place is not being met. Yet, a far more meritorious child is building a child than ever before. Bangladesh has skilled human resources like poets, litterateurs, journalists, engineers, doctors and leaders from all over the world. But after losing ‘trafficking’ trafficking we are losing our unique features and recognition.

There is no alternative to bring back the mercurial Bengalis of exile to get our desired gold Bangladesh. Wherever the whole world is taking initiatives to bring their talents to their country of higher education, why will Bangladesh go back?

B. The author, publisher and editor have no permission to publish it in any way.

Writer: Writer and journalist Rajiv Sharma (M.D.V.), Crime Investigator of Crime, Assistant Editor BDNewsimes and former Assistant Editor, The News


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