The cyclone in Sapahar caused extensive damage to mango and boro paddy


Nayan Babu, Sapahar : The frustration of mango farmers and farmers of Sapahar upazila of Naogaon is not over. On the one hand, the corona virus is passing the day in extreme anxiety about the mango market variety. About 3 to 4 percent of the mangoes have fallen from the trees. It has been seen that mangoes have been collected from the orchards in the morning and sold in sacks and carats at Rs 40 to 50 per bag.

It is learned that the largest mango market was established in Sapahar upazila of the district like every year. The repair work of the warehouse is almost finished. After Eid, mango traders from different parts of the country or districts will come to buy mangoes. In a few days, there was talk of buying and selling mangoes, but suddenly the mango farmers of the upazila suffered a great loss due to the onslaught of Amfan. It could be seen that if mangoes were bought and sold after Eid, the different varieties of mangoes, which were the first dream of the farmers, would be sold at the market price starting from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000.

Many mango farmers in the upazila said that they are wondering whether we will be able to sell our mangoes due to the epidemic Corona virus. Hurricane Ampan Abro hit the area a few days ago. A lot of mangoes have fallen to the ground in every garden due to this impact of Amphan. This time only large size mangoes have fallen from the trees. The farmers also said that the branches of big trees were broken.

Sapahar Upazila Agriculture Officer Mujibur Rahman said, this time mango has been cultivated in 6,250 hectares of land. This time the mangoes were less in the gardens. On top of that, the storm caused a lot of damage. The agriculture officer also said that 3 to 4 percent of the mangoes fell from the orchards and the boro paddy fell, causing huge losses to the farmers.