The e-passport is coming from July


Mr. Rajib Sharma(Ctg. Office): So long passport passport was available, which is known as machine readable passport. Passport now. You will get an e-passport when you renew a new passport from July 1. Three types of fees will be kept in e-passport. There will be two different types of e-passports for 10 years and five years.

Fees for the 5-year 48-page e-passport have been fixed from 3500 to 7500 taka. For the 10-year 48-page passport, the fee has been fixed from Tk 5,000 to Tk 9,000.

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Those who are under 18 years of age will get five years passport. And citizens aged over 18 years will get 10-year passport. These information was found in the home ministry sources.

More modern e-passports are being issued from July 1. The data of this passport will be available in other countries of the world. Though the initiative was taken in 2017, it was not possible to implement it due to various reasons. After a few rounds, finally e-passports will be issued to citizens from July 1 after completing all preparations for e-passport.

The cost for the e-passport project is Tk 4,569 crore. The agreement with the German government company has long been established. E-passports are used in 119 countries. Bangladesh is also going to be associated with those countries.

According to the sources, the fee for the new five-year e-passport has been set for general (21 days will be provided) 3,500 rupees. An urgent 5,500 rupees (seven days of matching) and the most urgent e-passport fee has been fixed at 7,500 rupees (one day of match).

Fees 5000 (available within 21 days) for a 10-year e-passport. E-passport will be available in 7 thousand ft (in seven days) and on a very urgent basis. The fee for this has been fixed at 9 thousand taka.

Asked about this, Joint Secretary of the Home Ministry, Security Services, Munim Hasan said that all necessary steps are being taken to introduce e-passports.

According to the sources, a fee-fixing committee was formed a few months ago to fix e-passport fees. The committee finalized the fees by meeting a few points. But till yesterday it was not final approval. The final approval is to be done within a day or two.

The passport department sources said, initially, 20 lakh e-passports will be printed from Germany. Then more than two million and 80 million passports will be printed in Bangladesh. That’s why the factory will be set up in Uttara. After that the printing of passports will be continued from the factory.

Currently there are passports in the book form, e-passports will have similar books. However, at the beginning of the passport book, there are two pages of information related to the person, it will not be in e-passport. There will be a card made of Palmyra. There will be a chip in this card. Passport handling information will be stored in that chip.

According to the passport department sources, there will be 38 types of security features in e-passport. The data currently available on MRP database will be transferred to e-passport. MRP passports will not be canceled if e-passport is launched. However, no new person will be given MRP passport. If the MRP expires, the e-passport will be taken for renewal. In this way the MRP passports will also be abolished from the country gradually.