The Hindu temple authorities did not provide food for ordinary Hindus, because they were not Brahmans


Neighborhood Desk: The Brahmin is not. So do not eat food or Hindu temples. Instead of humiliation. This incident happened in Udupi Krishna Math. Manipal’s assistant professor Benitha N Sethi went to the Udupi Krishna Math on April 15. In the math bhagnasala went to lunch. While giving food to the woman there is a doubt of a disciple of the Math. He may not have a Brahmin. The woman said to the question, it is right that she is not a Brahmin. Immediately the disciple asked that woman to get out of there. The disciple said, here is the place for chemists to eat. On the second floor are those who do not have a Brahmin. Their eating arrangements. The woman did not agree with this proposal. He felt humiliated. Came out of the monastery.

The condemnation has started after the incident came publicly. People of different levels of society can not accept the assault of a woman. They also gave a letter to the Math Authority. The Karnataka government has said, “The government does not want to tear the internal affairs of the monastery. However, this method should be discontinued. “The Math Authority has said that it will be kept in focus for future events like this.