The Shooting For “The Unwanted Twin” Is Over


Rajib Sharma, Ctg. Office: Recently, the shooting of the full-length documentary ‘The Unwanted Twin’, written and directed by Ms. Nanjiba Khan, was held at the end of the story. This documentary dedicated to SMC Norix One is a cosponsored Jim’s Collection. Produced by Faisal Anwar. Production is under the banner of the country’s leading production company Tiger Media. Production designer Prakash Hasan, Assistant Director Debashis Kumar Dey, Atikur Rahman Apu, Stationary film maker Arman Khan Rifat, Cinematographer Amir Hamza and Pavel Mahmood Joy. Edited by Khurshid Alam.

In the documentary, Deepa Khandaker, Waheeda Mallick Jolly, Dr. Enamul Haque, Shams Sumon, Sohail Khan, Ms. Naushaba Ahmed, Shanta Rahman, Ani Khan, Shirin Alam, Raju Alam, Saif Saiful and many others.

Also appearing as representatives of those general will be Afsana Mimi, Dilara Zaman, Baniya Mirza, screenwriters Bobby Haque, Homaira Himu and RJ Tazz.

Asked why she would look at the film, Nanjiba said, “I have done this work with actors who are not stars. This documentary of mine is not for all viewers. Because the hall owners of the country still do business with catapults, social pictures get international recognition but do not go to the country, people who do not think of the picture if they do not see the picture of the heroine in the dress and poster, but I doubt enough of the visitor’s interest in that country. There is What the viewer does not see is what matters to them. I’ve given my percentage this time the audience’s turn. If they do not want to see it, then you will see nothing here. ”

Referring to whether she had any obstacles in building it, she said, “Most people say that you are a girl when you are younger and dealing with such sensitive issues can be a threat to you.” I will say this is my life, if I do not eat once, no one will come to take news so I am not interested in what he said. And I am already 18 years old and I am no longer a kid who can’t make my own decisions. ”

She also told that it was a story about two children without twin identity and age awareness. The end of the picture is not like the so-called picture. Rather, she has tried to break the reality of the screen. After completing a year of research and 6 months of pre-production, she has done so in full swing, so much hope. As a result it is a documentary “UNICEF Bangladesh” as a content support partner.
Asaduzzaman Noor, Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak, Everest winner Nishat Majumdar and Australia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bhutan are all present at the end of this documentary. It will happen soon and viewers will see the television screen, said Nanjiba Khan.
It is to be noted that this eighteen-year-old youth trainee pilot, journalist, creator, presenter, author, brand ambassador, BNCC Cadet ambassador, former UNICEF representative. she has even trained as a creator at the National Media Institute and the CTFB. Although he started working as a child maker, Nanjiba is currently moving ahead with his work as a practitioner.

Produced the first short film ‘Careless’ at just 13 years old. He received the UNICEF “Meena Media Award” for conducting the first documentary ‘White Black’. She then directed six short films and documentaries, including ‘Grow Up’, ‘The Unstitch Pain’.