Today is ‘Bijoya Dusshera’ BdNewsTimes Greetings from the traditional fans of the country


Mr. Rajib Sharma, Ctg Office: Happy ‘Bijoya Dusshera’ today. The five-day event of Shardio Durga Puja, the largest religious festival of the Hindu community of the country, will be concluded by the Durga idol nirvana. The tune of sadness will be heard in the minds of the devotees on the Bijoya Dusshera’ s day, as the goddess Durga will go to the house of Patiala in Kailas, but the memory of the five days of shardanjali, samriti and noise will last a long time. People in the Hindu community will be eagerly waiting for this Sharad Prayer next year.

Mr. Joynal Abedin, editor and publisher for the traditional and diverse communities of the country, said, In our country, the religious rituals of different communities have taken the form of greater social festivals. The melody of harmony and harmony is caught up in the national life and this is the traditional tradition of Bengali life in Bangladesh. Occasionally, the self-styled palace tries to crack the harmony. The communal tensions spread but the government and the conscious countrymen stopped it – there was a sense of confidence in the people. “Shardio Durga Puja is not restricted to the Hindu community only.” There is a joy in the people all over the country. Every day this year brings a message of happiness to everyone regardless of the nation’s race, religion, caste. The day deepens the harmony and sincerity between us. I want this sincerity to be a bond of love and harmony in the hearts of our people all over the world. At this great religious festival of the Hindu community, people of all communities exchanged greetings and greetings.

In a special greeting to message Sub- Editor M A Koushar said, “In fact, the traditional Durgats are not limited to just a certain population today, this joy festival brings a kind of sincerity to the homes of Bengal today. This sincerity is firmly entrenched not only in the pull of religion, but also in the pull of the greatest humanity, in the spirit of the soul. Today, we create each other’s home, rituals, distinctions in a friendly environment without forgetting. At this festival we forget about race, religion, caste and all, we think that people are true above all. Today, these events deepen our relationship with each other deeper and deeper. We believe that if the people of the world whose religion – society and state – festivals everyone understands the message, will inspire the people of the world in the spirit of harmony and brotherhood, forgetting the violence, hatred and discrimination will be inspired to build a world of peace. I extend my best wishes to the traditional brothers and sisters of the country. ”

In a greeting, the’s co-editor Mr. Rajib Sharma said that according to Puran, during the autumn Ramachandra worshiped the goddess Durga, the goddess of power, to worship Sita. This is called premature ejaculation of the goddess. Durga puja is done during the spring, hence it is known as Basanti Puja. In our country, Durga puja is held in the autumn and in exultation. This day is not just in the traditional communities, but the message of joy spreads to every religious community in the country. We share in each other’s happiness, irrespective of religion, caste, race. Goddess Durga on the one hand is a symbol of strength, she is also a symbol of good welfare. In his power, he brought peace by destroying Mahishasur, a symbol of evil and evil. On the other hand she is also a symbol of women’s power. It is a strong commitment of the countrymen that we will unite all narrow, selfishness, intense ideology and build our society and country in unity.

On the ‘Bijoya Doshomi’ of the Shardio Durgapuja and Happy Vijaya, members of the’s family greeted the siblings of the Hindu community irrespective of caste, religion, caste or religion.