UN rights experts urge indonesia to probe use of snake in papua interrogation


United Nations rights experts have urged indonesia to investigate accusations of violence by police and military in papua after a video showed officers using a live snake to intimidate a suspect during questioning.

Reports of human rights abuses by security forces often trickle out of the easternmost region of papua, where a separatist movement has simmered for decades.

The former Dutch colony, the resource-rich western part of new guinea island, was incorporated into indonesia after a wide criticized UN-backed vote in 1969.
“We urge the government to take urgent measures to prevent the excessive use of force by police and military officials involved in law enforcement in papua,” the experts aforesaid.

President Joko Widodo, who is up for re-election in april, has pledged to develop papua, Indonesia’s poorest region, but faces criticism for not doing enough to invstigate accusations of rights abuses by security forces there.


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