‘Urgent Notice’ to invite minority members to Islam, severe condemnation of Rajib Sharma


Chittagong Office: Rabiya Samash Uddin Technical School and Principal (BM) of BM College, Aminul Islam Sohag, on Wednesday, 20/03/2013, on Wednesday published a written written notice to all the students of the education system, to become viral on social media Facebook. The minority Hindu and Buddhist-Christians of Bangladesh strongly condemned Facebook. And the minorities in Bangladesh are commenting differently against the teacher through social communication.
What he wrote in his notice:

★★★Special notice:
Aslamu Alaikum,
so much so that all the students of this institution are being informed that the Panchwaqat prayers are mandatory and the minority community is invited to come to the shade of Islam. By avoiding harmful drugs like Yaba / cannabis / phensidyl / alcoholism and smoke, we should make the family and state as a happy, prosperous and ideal nation. (It is extremely urgent).
In this notice, Principal Md. Aminul Islam signed the 20/03/2019 and in his notice on the same day and 6 signatures of teachers or persons on the same day.
“This religion does not have any of the 5 basic needs of any person,” said Rajiv Sharma, meritorious student, anti-traditional and science-based writer, who studied outside the country with this notification. Yet there are hundreds of religions in the world to form a moral character of a person and to play a positive role. The college students are not stupid to do their own religion! This line is completely ridiculous. But there is only one religion on earth. Every religion teaches a good way and advises to remove the evil path. But I do not know what is written on Facebook (Principal) of what? If he is a writer, he has no right to write ‘extreme urgency’ and to bring the minority Hindu-Buddhist-Christian to Islam. Yes, he can advise Muslim communities or communities of Islam to pray, to practice religion. They have the right to be educators. But to invite minorities to Islam, He can not make a student sit at the chair of a nation-building factory and dirty his name. He is letting the students down with the notice which is not the purpose of education. He should read the responsibility of the student life, the Digital Bangladesh, and Bangabandhu’s writings in the dream. Keep yourself ready from this essay. He has no right to education in this field. A teacher for us is very valuable. First of all the teachers place in the world. A college principal is very great, dear to everyone. But no minority can invite any religion because the minorities also have their own religion. I have read many churches, temples, manhas and joined them. But it is completely different. We are Bangladeshi Let’s go to one another, rejoice, Get fellowship But I think that if the head of the educational institution like Rabiya Shamsh Uddin Technical College is giving such notice, the most harm will be youth-youth, because no minority will accept this invitation and due to this there will be a neutral environment in the college. . Even a blood-like environment will be created. Because no guardian did not go to college to convince his son. Education has been given to give Bangladesh a beautiful future. And there is no religion in the college as a textbook. Then how can he hurt the minorities with their own ignorance notice? Did not the harm of the minority religious minority? Nation, Religions, especially from primary to lower secondary, have religion and moral education in their religion. Despite being in school, Bangladesh honors all religions for the purpose of implementing the digital education of the dream of Prime Minister of Bangladesh, on January 1, every year. He took various positive steps including the appointment of a separate teacher for his own religion and moral education.
I certainly want to say that the rules of the rules are mandatory and a drug-free environment for the Muslims, thanks to the Principal, but condemn the message of Islam to the different religions altogether. Hindu-Buddhist-Christian, Garo, Marma, Chakmas and other tribes have their own tradition and culture. Therefore, I am condemning the insulting remarks in the notification and considering the abusive remarks considering the minorities of Bangladesh Education Administration, we should take action against them. “


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