World Peace Summit in Bangladesh


In September Dhaka will host World Peace Summit to demand “Legislation of Peace for Sustainable Development”

The 2019 World Peace Summit will be held under the theme ‘Legislate Peace – Implementation of the DPCW for Sustainable Development’. Beginning on August 27th over 200 cities in 110 countries, including Dhaka Bangladesh, Mindanao, Philippines, Suva, Fiji, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Cape Town, South Africa Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Paris, France and more will host conferences, forums, supporting signature events as part of the Peace Letter Campaign and various cultural events as a means of supporting and advocating for the enactment of the DPCW and around 300,000 are expected to attend. The World Peace Summit in Bangladesh will also be held on September 12th with over 14,000 participants.

The DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), a comprehensive document which clarifies the role of members of the international society to prevent and resolve conflicts, is in the process of being introduced to the UN as a draft resolution. As part of the process, HWPL and its affiliated youth organization, IPYG, promote worldwide “Legislate Peace” (LP) project, which has gained 1.5 million supports from 195 countries through supporting signatures and peace letters written to their respective national leaders.

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah, Principal of Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College will give a speech at the event to raise students’ awareness and necessity of peace education. In the partnership with 214 educational institutions and government agencies from 30 countries including the Philipines and India, HWPL is providing methodological assistance for peace education, offering the mindset of citizenship in a peaceful society. In Bangladesh, HWPL signed an MOU for peace education with Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College on 17th September 2018, which has 14,000 students.

This year’s event also highlights the role of youth in peacebuilding through the “Peace Letter Campaign” led by the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG). Recently, Peace letter written by global youth since last year has gained 1.5 million supports from 195 countries through supporting signatures to their respective national leaders.

The peace letters also written by the students in Bangladesh will be delivered to the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament and Chief of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Education.

According to the organizer of the event, Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Education who attended on behalf of the Minister, will read the reply for the students and deliver the importance of leaving the peace legacy to future generations.